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Over two years in the making ... 172 pages with 225 color illustrations. Over 150 breeders in one book ... insiders tips ... history of the Spanish horse ...  $49.99 Value for ONLY $19.99

$49.99 $19.99 The Unofficial Guide to Spanish Bloodlines

andalusian ebookThis resource brings over 150 Spanish breeders into one book. Enjoy learning about the history of the Spanish horse with this illustrated guide to many of the main farms in Spain. Two years in the making, we’ve visited the best Spanish websites, added English translations, and made the history of hundreds of “yeguadas” or Spanish breeding farms available to you!

We recommend that you get educated before you buy or breed! And get the most from your Andalusian horse purchase by understanding the bloodlines in Spain.


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Updated in 2017:

Since it's original publication, I've sold many copies of Version 1 to people in the U.S. and several copies have been sold abroad. As with any horse breed, changes are inevitable in how they are managed. So, I've updated the eBook to keep you informed about how to do bloodline research.

The biggest change is that GescabOnline (MELPI) is no longer available on the interet. This is a huge loss! I've kept the information about MELPI in the Appendix as some of the facts are still useful.

The other change is that IALHA now has a studbook online. So, I've added a section on the Andalusian horse registries and how to use them for studbook research. New topics include the Spanish Stud Book of Spain, IALHA, PRE Mundial, USPRE, USPREBA, and others. You'll learn the main differences between the PRE Mundial, ANCCE, and IALHA papers.

This is the only book that brings you the insider's view on Andalusian horse bloodlines from Spain



Example of modern breeder (left) and foundation breeder (right)


I wrote this book to share the information I've learned from spending over 15 years studying Spanish bloodlines and researching them online.


Tips and tricks (left) and example of research (right)


  ... to know more than anyone else about the studbook, Melpi, ANCCE, and more.

 ... insider tips on how to make the best use of ANCCE-LG and GESCAB.

 ... secret tips to understanding how horses are represented in the studbooks.

 ... valuable Spanish translations to help you navigate the studbooks and online resources.


Example of Bocado horses (left) and history article (right)

$49.99 $19.99 The Unofficial Guide to Spanish Bloodlines

This is the ONLY book that includes all of the answers with:

172 pages with over 225 color illustrations

Over 34 Foundation breeders highlighted (breeders with multi- generations of horses)

Over 125 modern Spanish breeders highlighted

Over 15 Online resources to research your horse’s pedigree explained


It is ready to print (if you desire) on double-sided paper. Or just read your own copy on your computer or hand-held device.

This book is written to assist the newcomer and breeder of Spanish horses so that they may become more familiar with the types of bloodlines that are being bred in the US and in Spain. As you read, you will begin to see the same breeder names repeated over and over. These breeders are known as “yeguadas” and a mare is a yegua. I cannot describe all the individual characteristics that a specific breeder will have in their herd, but if you look at enough Spanish type horses (especially those in Spain) you should start to see some trends between breeders.

The differences between different herds and a breeder’s purpose can be distinct or blurred. Some horses are more fine boned, others courser. Some breeders focus on movement, others on color. Some breeders are using proven dressage horses, others have stock that originated from working wild cattle. It is difficult to make generalizations about the stock of different breeders as each horse is different and will have unique characteristics. However, I hope this book will help you will develop an appreciation for the bloodlines from Spain. 

Articles include:

Major sections include:

andalusian ebook

If you already have Version 1, please contact me for a FREE copy of Version 2

$49.99 $19.99 The Unofficial Guide to Spanish Bloodlines


$49.99 Value for ONLY $19.99 Hurry!
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