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Miguel Angel Cardenas is known for his family's multiple national championships in Spain and for crossing military lines such as Leviton and Jenson with his Cartujano lines stemming from Bilbaino III.

Remate's sire Jugueton V was an Andalusian stallion champion in Spain originally from the famous Miguel Cardenas Osuna stud. Jugueton's sire, Valido, was a foundation sire for Cardenas. Jugueton's dam, Electra, was a daughter of Vasallo II. Both Valido and Vasallo II (sons of Bilbaino III) were extremely important studs in Spain.

Cardenas purchased Bilbaino III, the sire of Vasallo II and Valido, from the Terry stud. According to Cardenas, Bilbanio III was an "exceptionally beautiful animal". He went on to produce Vasallo II and Valido who would become Champions of Spain. Even Cardenas himself acknowledges the importance of these lines and of the mare lines that produced these stallions.

" . . . there are two extremely important mares which we should not forget: Karioca and Iliada. Karioca was born in 1947, from the union of Bocado and Military Stud stock. She was the grand-dam of the champion Valido, the great-grand-dam of the champion Gastador and the great-great-grand-dam of the champions Clásico-MAC and Ungido IV.

Iliada, for her part, brought together the best of the Military, Baones Brothers and Bocado stock. Born in 1945, she was the grand-dam of the champion Vasallo II . . . A specimen which is very beautiful and well-bred, but which nevertheless turns outs to be useless or inept in its movements, is no good for anything.

But on the other hand, even if a horse shows great functional prowess, if it lacks breeding it also should be discarded. If judges are not capable of putting this criterion into practice, the breed is lost."

~Miguel Cardenas Osuna

remate pedigree

remate pedigree

Vasallo ii

Vasallo II

Jugueton CV, half brother to Remate.

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