Hereje - Andalusian Reference Stallion

Hacendoso x Belina

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Imported Stallion - Pura Raza Española

Hereje was the sire of Dulcinea DD and Indira DD (both out of Nobleza D).

Of all of the horses on our farm, each one of whom I love so passionately, Hereje is my ultimate soul mate.

Imported from Mexico as a youngster, he is a pure Bocado stallion, and possesses all of the qualities which make the Andalusian one of the most sought after horses in the world.

In spite of the fact that Hereje is a mature and active breeding stallion, he is so gentle that I turn him out with the weanlings in a large pasture to play on a regular basis. Hereje is PRE - revised. ~ Terri Meador, owner of Hereje

picture of hereje picture of hereje

 photo of Hereje photo of Hereje

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