Granadino XI Andalusian Reference Stallion

Leviton (by Agente) x Granadina VII (by Adentro)

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Imported Stallion - Pura Raza Española

Granadino was the sire of Keberes D and Nobleza D.


Granadino was a silver grey stallion born in 1978. He was revised and imported to the United States from Spain when he was six years old. He stood at Denham Ranch and was rarely offered at stud to the public.

Granadino was famous for being one of the few sons of the #1 military stallion Leviton ever exported from Spain. Granadino had three purebred daughters in Spain that were champions at the Salon Internacional de Caballo (SICAB) - the largest show for Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) horses in Spain.

Granadino was known for his kind and noble temperament as well as the beautiful Spanish head which he passes on to his offspring - many of whom excel in dressage. Granadino performed the high school movements such as piaffe, Spanish walk, and passage with grace and willingness. Granadino was a half brother to the Spanish Olympic horse Evento and appeared in many horse calendars and horse books.

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Zodiaco II, sired by Leviton - half brother to Granadino

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