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Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Mare - Pura Raza Española
Simpatica DD - Imperioso D (by Granadino XI) x Keberes D (by Granadino XI)

DOB: 03/10/2010. IALHA 5785(S)

Simpatica was 17 hands and 1/2 inch tall as a four-year-old. She lives in New Mexico and came to Texas in 2005 to be bred to triple-National-Champion Remate. Simpatica is a treasure and was Keberes' first daughter. Her owner, Mercedes Rivera originally born in Spain, hunted for her first Andalusian for many years before deciding on Simpatica. The two of them make "traffic stop" in New Mexico when they go riding along the road.

Simpatica has really grown & has the personality to boot. I know I ended up with the right horse after every horse I looked at for years she is everything I dreamed of. Thank you. ~ Simpatica's owner Mercedes.


Simpatica as a newborn with my friends Tonya and Patti.

Simpatica as a newborn (above left and right).

Simpatica DD Pedigree


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