Qayra DD - Future Broodmare

Kairo AK (by Kianto) x Keberes D (by Granadino XI 1978)

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) filly - Pura Raza Española

Qayra's brother Zephyr LLR was sold sight unseen to a serious dressage home in Minnesota. When Qayra was born, she was the first filly that Keberes has had since Hechicera, over 8 years ago!

Qayra has an incredible presence, gorgeous face, and I can't stop looking at her anytime I'm around her. She has wonderful balance throughout her conformation and is a sweet heart, always coming up to be with me. She will be registered with ANCCE in Spain. Her full sibling will be due in 2017 and is available for sale.

Above, Qayra at one month old.

Qayra at birth and a day old. 


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