Oleana DD - Andalusian Reference Mare

Gitano MOR x Fantasia DD

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Mare - Pura Raza Española

DOB: 01/23/2014

Oleana Brings New Joy to the Farm!

The day that Oleana was born I was in Houston, Texas, on business. I got the call that afternoon and could hardly wait to hear if it was a girl or a boy! What wonderful news when I learned it was a filly! I hadn't had a filly born in over 5 years. The next day I went out to see the newborn. Both mom and daughter were looking a little tired after weathering through very low temperatures for north Texas the night before - but they were fine. The first thing I noticed was how much bone Oleana had. I almost thought her legs looked swollen - but it was just the baby fur and some very big legs under there.

Oleana was very tall and looked exactly like her dam. She allowed me to catch her for a photo even with all the activity going on in the barn. I could already see that she had balanced movement and lift both front and behind and nice overall structure. I came back out a few days later to get some photos of her in the sunshine. She was very relaxed and let me pet her and take more photos.

Oleana means Oleander Flower in French and Swedish. It means both Oleander flower and "olde Anne" - and with Oleana's old soulish look and beauty, I think it's quite fitting!

Oleana at two days old with her dam Fantasia DD.

picture of andalusian mare Fantasia

Above - Fantasia DD - dam of Oleana DD


Above, Oleana with her breeder Donna DeYoung. 

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