Keberes D - Andalusian Mare

Granadino XI 1978 (by Leviton) x Botadora IV (by Aragones III)

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Mare - Pura Raza EspaƱola


Keberes D -

Keberes, aka "Leia" is the horse of a lifetime.  She stands 16.2 hds tall with a striking stallion presence and is unbelievably intelligent. As far as a breeding mare, this is one of the most pre-potent mares I've ever seen. She consistently puts her height and substance into her foals.  I began training Keberes when she was a young mare and was soon going on trail rides with her and showing at the National level. Keberes has been shown at local schooling shows and at multiple disciplines at IALHA Nationals. Once I discovered Keberes' aptitude for trick training, she quickly became an eBay "star" - her trick training tapes sold world-wide. I don't know of any other Spanish mare that is so well-rounded and also throws such incredible foals.

Keberes at 20 years old (and heavily pregnant) still loves her freedom!

andalusian rearing Keberes


If you are considering purchasing an Andalusian foal for investment purposes, you can't go wrong with a foal out of Keberes.  Born in 1996, Keberes is a 1996 Pure Spanish (PRE) approved Andalusian mare 1st generation import and champion. She was bred by Denham Ranch and is owned by Spanish Vision Farm. Keberes is sired by Granadino XI out of Botadora IV. Keberes is trained for dressage, tricks, trail riding, and show. 



Simpatica DD, Celtica DD, Destinada DD, Fantasia DD, Hechicera DD (above) 

Keberes is a very good example of a Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) mare with imported Spanish lines. At her inspection to receive her papers from Spain (the Cria Caballar), the Spanish inspector said she was "magnificent" and that this was not a horse you should sell.

Keberes loves to perform the high school maneuvers and tricks (bowing, piaffe, Spanish walk) which make the Andalusians famous. Leia is extremely intelligent and learns things the first time. Her ability to read myself as a trainer and rider is almost uncanny.

Keberes has been ridden on the trails in Texas and Oklahoma, has attended numerous clinics, has astounded people with her tricks, and loves to be ridden by children as well as adults. I've ridden Keberes in open shows in English and Western, trail, and equitation. She's been shown to the National level in English and doma vaquera as well as halter. She holds several National Champion titles including National Champion Spanish 3 & 4 Year Old Mare judged by a Spaniard judge.

Color Genetics

Keberes is a Silver Grey. She is heterozygous grey and can produce non-grey foals that are chestnut, bay, or black. Her genotype per UC Davis is Gg ee Aa. Keberes has a dark muzzle and dark skin around her face and eyes. She was born a light brownish/reddish color and had dark points as a yearling and almost looked buckskin. As Keberes grew older, she dappled out as a buckskin/grey young mare and eventually turned silver white with an irridescent sheen. Both Keberes' parents were grey, but Granadino and Botadora's lines had a history of producing black, chestnut, and bay.

A Special Horse

When my mother was growing up in Texas, western movies were popular. And every cowboy hero had a horse that was a hero to kids. Roy Rogers had Trigger, Dale Evans had Buttermilk, Gene Autrey had Champion, and the Lone Ranger had Scout. I was born with a natural love of horses and my mother passed on her love of western heros to me. To this day I still love to watch the old style westerns.

Behind the screen image of western riders there is an important truth. Western riders have a very special bond with their horses. They develop this bond from spending all hours of the day in the saddle, and sleeping and eating with their horses at night. By sharing stories about my horses and the bond I have with them, I hope you'll be encouraged to spend more time with your own special horse.

Keberes is my is my western hero horse. Together we have spent long days on the trail, hours in the arena, and special moments together on scenic overlooks. In addition, I've shared the most intimate moments with her including the birth of her foals. This is the story of Keberes, a western and English horse of many accomplishments.


~ Donna DeYoung

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