Galaxia DD II - Andalusian Reference Mare

Remate II (by Jugueton V) x Keberes D (by Granadino XI)

Pure Spanish Andalusian (PRE) Mare - Pura Raza Española 

DOB: 03/29/2006  IALHA 9981 (S), revised by ANCCE.


Photos from video shoot on October 3, 2004.

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Galaxia andalusian mare

 andalusian mare Galaxia

andalusian mare andalusian stallion

Galaxia (left) and her sire Remate (right)

Galaxia was born in 2006 in Denton, Texas. After watching Keberes all night to see her have her foal, I left to meet some friends at a nearby dressage barn. I got the call around 11:00 am that morning that Keberes had foaled in the pasture. Everything was fine and I arrived to find a coal black filly with a large white star and huge, long legs. She had a glistening coat and I knew she was bound to be a "star". 

Galaxia grew up to be one of Keberes' best foals. She is Keberes' 6th foal, her 5th filly in a row, and the 3rd filly sired by Remate. Galaxia was a sweet mare, incredibly smart and quick to learn, and loved attention. Galaxia liked to greet people at the gate with a nicker. 

Galaxia had a stunning colt, Kosmos DD, in Marcy 2010. Then Galaxia foaled a gorgeous colt, Sapporo, in 2011. She was re-bred to Spokane and had a super flashy colt initially named Notorio and re-named El Coqueto by his new owner in 2013.

Galaxia was born in a "G" year. My Andalusian foals are usually named according to the year they are born in ... "A" names started in 2000 and "G" names came in 2006. Galaxia is Spanish for Galaxy. Galaxy is a Greek word meaning "milky" referring to the Milky Way. A galaxy is a massive gravitationally bound system consisting of stars, an interstellar medium of gas and dust, and dark matter. Galaxia DD was a huge filly and since she was born with a star on her forehead and black-as-night, the name seemed very apt for her.

andalusian mare

Galaxia at birth (above)

Galaxia Facts
Galaxia's IALHA Registration Number: 
Galaxia's Spanish Codigo: 
Both parents approved by Spain (LG) for Breeding as VALORADO
IALHA Registration: 1322 (S)
DOB: March 19, 2006
Breeder: Donna DeYoung

Galaxia as a yearling

Galaxia DD is a greying black. Her genotype per UC Davis is GG Ee aa and this means that she is the base color black and ishomozygous grey. She will always produce grey foals. If she is bred to bay or black stallion, her foals will be heterozygous for grey (can produce color if bred to color or heterozygous grey) and will have a base coat of bay, black, or chestnut.  Galaxia DD has dark points on her face and legs and a unique flaxen/silver mane. She was born black with a white star and stayed mostly black as a yearling. As a two year old, she was starting to grey out and still had a striking flaxen/silver mane.  As a four year old she was a dark dapple grey. As a five-year old, she was getting lighter on her body. By the age of six, Galaxia had become almost pure white. Both Galaxia DD's parents are grey.

andalusian mare

Full sister Destinada DD, left, and Fantasia DD, right

galaxia pedigree

galaxia pedigree

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