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    horse of kings   
    Fall 1985  Winter 1985 
horse of kings  horse of kings     
Spring 1986  Summer 1986 Fall 1986 Winter 1986- 87
Spring 1987  Summer 1987 Fall-Winter 1987 N/A 
Spring 1988  Summer 1988 Fall 1988   
Spring 1989  Summer 1989 Fall 1989  Winter 1989-90
Spring 1990  Summer 1990 Fall 1990  
Spring 1991  Summer 1991 Fall 1991 Winter 1991-92
  Summer 1992  Fall 1992 Winter 1992-93
Spring 1993  Summer 1993 Fall 1993  

The Horse of Kings (Lusitano and Andalusian) was published quarterly by Baroque Equestrian Arts. It featured articles about the Lusitano Horse, Andalusian, classical dressage, and haute ecole (high school riding). Common magazine departments included editorial, letters, news briefs, conformation evaluation, around the shows, in the spotlight, IAHA news, and a directory/classified/calendar.

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