Andalusian Horses for Sale

We only sell PRE registerable (ANCCE-Spain) horses and 70% of our horses are sold sight unseen or in-utero and almost 60% to repeat buyers. We encourage you to contact us if you are interested in any of our horses. Just call Donna at 214-282-9131 (cell) or email

Horses Currently Offered for Sale

2017 Colt or Filly - Gitano MOR x Fantasia DD. Due April 5, 2017. This will be a repeat to our previous breedings including the one that I just kept for a future broodmare - Quintessa DD. Fantasia's two previous fillies Oleana DD and Phaedra LLR were both sold to serious dressage homes. This foal would be my choice for someone wanting to get into the breed with a very nice, baroque, but large PRE! Really nice movement with striking presence. Fantasia (Fancy) is 16.1 hds (and appears even larger with her lovely upright neck) and the sire to the foal, Gitano MOR, is 16.2 hds. A foal from this pair would be sure to be a standout in the dressage arena. Will be guaranteed grey (silver white) but with a black or bay base color (dark heterozygous Gg grey and can produce color). This mare produces thick mane and tail. These are great all-around horses. Both parents are double registered in US (IALHA) and Spain (PRE approved with carta).  $12,000. Click here for more details.

Above, Gitano MOR, sire of Fantasia's 2017 foal.

2017 Colt or Filly - Kairo AK (by Kianto) x Keberes D (by Granadino)-  Due June 4, 2017. SOLD. This is only our third breeding to the amazing black stallion Kairo AK. The first breeding resulted in a stunning golden bay colt named Zephyr who was sold sight unseen to a serious dressage and breeding home. The second breeding gave us our first filly in 8 years out of Keberes - the pretty Qayra DD who we have kept as a future broodmare.

Keberes will be 21 years old next year so grab one of these cherished bloodlines while you can! Very rare to have these greats - both Kianto and Granadino - in the same bloodline! The foal will be good size (around 16 hds or more) with nice floating dressage movement, and should be a very elegant and gorgeous Spanish horse. Based on what I know about the parents color, the foal has a 50% chance of being grey and 25% chance bay or brown (possibly golden brown) and 25% true black.  Black filly will not be for sale. Both parents double registered in US (IALHA) and Spain (PRE approved with carta). Private Treaty. Click here for more details.

Above - Kairo, sire of Kebere's 2017 foal

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