Vasallo II Descendants in US

The "Cardenas" look is distinguished by large bone, substantial size, and round lines. They are known for being huge movers.

Quizas III has several offspring (11) and grand-offspring producing in the U.S.  Her offspring were tightly held when Denham Ranch was in operation and were rarely offered for sale or, if sold, were placed into repeat buyer's hands. Her most famous son is Imperioso D (Granadino XIV x Quizas III) who is owned by the Denham's daughter Sherry Martin. Several of Quizas's  Granadino daughters were bred back again into Cardenas lines when Hereo MAC (Cardenas w/ Leviton as well) was imported. The resulting offspring are tightly and doubly-bred Cardenas/Leviton top and bottom, several of whom are being bred to each other.

Quiromancia II had 8 offspring in the U.S. and all were sold by Denhams.

Funny enough, even though I had worked at Denham Ranch when Quizas was in production and I was buying my first Andalusian mares, I did not end up with a Quizas daughter because they were not available. At one time I had a chance to purchase a Quizas grand-daughter but decided to go with Nobleza D (military/Escalera lines) instead because I preferred that type of horse over the heavier Quizas lines and was not sure who I would breed the tightly-bred horse to if I ended up with it anyways!

I did breed Keberes D to Imperioso D (son of Quizas, by Vasallo II) in 2001 and ended up with a huge mare (Simpatica DD, over 17 hds) that was sold at 4 months of age. I also bred her to Hereo MAC (Vasallo II/Leviton) during his first breeding season, resulting in Celtica DD (owned by Tupper Farms). Celtica has proven to be a great producer for them. 

Eventually I found Remate II (carries both Vasallo II and Valido in his pedigree but no Leviton) and bred him to Keberes D several times, creating a fantastic outcross of Cardenas, military, and Bocado lines that did not contain in-bred lines or double Cardenas or double Leviton lines. I kept the 4th and last filly out of this pairing (Galaxia DD, sold in 2013) as well as her full sister Fantasia DD. I feel this type of crossing and ownership of these lines has given me an advantage over some other breeders that are using in-bred Cardenas and military lines in the U.S.

A large group of Cardenas-blooded horses including some with Vasallo II in their pedigree is located in Florida at Royal horse Farms which at one time had ties to Centurion Farms of Spain.

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