Vasallo II

Ever since I first learned of the Cardenas bloodlines back in 1996, I have been fascinated with two of his most famous horses - Vasallo II and Valido.

I met 2 of Vasallo's daughters - Quizas III and Quiromancia - in Texas, and have known many of his grand-offspring and great-grand offspring. I am honored to own a great great grand-daughter of his in Fantasia DD.

Vasallo II was a foundation stallion for the famous Cardenas herd which won so many 1st places and other placings in the 1970s through the 1990s. Vasallo II has been featured in posters, artwork, and in Robert Vavra's books (world famous photographer and artist). He was champion in the Feria del Campo del Madrid in 1972 and received the highest points in the Libro de Meritos de ANCCE (LIMPRE) at one time in his life (meaning he had sired more champions than any other horse). Vasallo II was Champion of Champions in Jerez in 1978.

vasallo ii pedigree

The two Vasallo daughters that I knew both had great bone, stocky build, large necks like stallions, convex profiles, and very calm dispositions. Quizas was bred to Granadino (by Leviton) again and again to produce some of the best horses known from Denham Ranch (where I bought my two foundation mares Keberes D and Nobleza D). Quiromancia, slightly smaller in stature than Quizas, produced some of their best youth and amateur horses from Denham Ranch.

The only place I can fault these two daughters of Vasallo II is that they could have been lighter, more elegant movers, and less blocky and plain in their build. I can only imagine what type of horse might have been produced if the large mare Quizas had ever been bred to a leggy, elegant, huge moving stallion like Remate II. OMG.

historical photo of Andalusian horse

The descendents of Vasallo II in Spain are more famous than you can imagine and include names like Ungido IV, Clasico MAC, Mastil, etc.

Bloodline Analysis

Take a look at Vasallo's pedigree above and see if you can find the inbreeding ... Bilbaino appears on both top and bottom and Bilbiano's parents are half-siblings of each other. This close breeding will be made even closer as Cardenas horses containing Bilbaino are bred to each other ... This becomes important down-the-line as you choose what horses in your program to breed to what other horses. Inbreeding can really "stamp" a line with a certain look - but it can also bring out weaknesses.

Sire Side - Bilbaino III

Vasallo II's sire Bilbaino III was purchased by Miguel Angel de Cardenas in the 1950s from Fernando Terry Sr. He had been bred by Roberto Osborne and has no full siblings. His mother Bilbaina 1935 only had one other offspring- a mare named Heroica 1953 by Descarado II who did not have any offspring.  His mother also did not have any full siblings. Bilbaino was unique but would soon become the founding of a huge line of famous show horses including those with dressage movement.

Bilbaino III represents all "Bocado" breeding or horses of Carthusian monk breeding - the horses that "saved" the Andalusian breed from extinction during the French invasion.  You can tell them by the brand that looks like a horse bit. Bilbaino III was described as beautiful and added beauty and class to the foals out of the large Cardenas mares. He was born in 1947 and had 130 offspring and 60 half siblings. His famous Cardenas sons Valido and Vasallo II were both born in 1967.

bilbaino iii pedigree

Early American Influence?

Vasallo's earliest offspring were born in 1951. Interestingly enough, one of his first foals is registered as "Tuno". Tuno appears twice in the Spanish studbook - once as Tuno 1951 ITI and once as Tuno born in 1965. Both have the same mother (Carinsoa 1944) and both have different offspring listed.

"Tuno 1951 ITI" had a son Altanero A 1974 and daughter Batalla 1975. Offspring of Altanero A trace to Rancho la Mora and Shanna Goodpasture horses where the line apparently ends. Batalla had one filly, Heroina 11 owned by the Rosenthals, where that line ends.

"Tuno" 1964 with a Cardenas brand had 3 offspring - Bohemio ITI 1977, Boticario ITI 1974, and Arrogante ITI 1974. These horses trace to breeders Sherry & Roger Sorum as well as Garrison.

Dam Side

Vasallo's dam Adivina carries the Cardenas brand but she is sired by a Military stallion Helicon and out of a military mare Iliada. Adivina had 13 offspring including several full siblings to Vasallo II - Tecla, Requeta, and Paquete. She was even bred back to her son and produced Heraldica. She was also bred to Valido, Poseido III, Habanero IV, and Radiante 1963. Eventually her offspring were bred back into similar Cardenas lines or bred to each other, keeping the lines very tight.

adivina pedigree

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