Temerario III Relatives

Remate is sired by Jugueton V which goes back to Cardenas lines. Remate’s dam, Deseada 1983 ITI was sired by Brioso VI who was sired by Temerario III – a horse of famous Yeguada Romero Benitez breeding.

Temerario III was a grey stallion born in 1965 and was bred by Yeguada Romero Benitez. He was the sire of Brioso VI who sired Cazador IX, who sired Indiano XVIII.  Temerario III had 24 offspring and 75 siblings. Temerario's sire was - a famous military stallion. Temerario himself was a champion of champions of Jerez, Spain, as shown in the above photograph.


picture of remate  picture of indiano xviii

Photos of Remate (above left) and Indiano XVIII (above right)

Distant Line Breeding to Adentro

Our mare Keberes D is related to Adentro via her damline (Botadora IV) through her grandsire Aragones III (Adentro x Hermosa VIII).

Keberes D and Nobleza D are related to Adentro via their sireline (Granadino XI 1978) through their granddam Granadina VII (Adentro x Hermosa VIII).

Thus,  Fantasia (offspring of Keberes and Remate) are distantly line-bred top and bottom to Adentro.

Romero Benitez Studfarm

picture of brandThe Romero Benitez studfarm got its start in the nineteenth century when the Spanish State confiscated Church properties (then home of the famous Carthusian horses). The Romero family acquired horses descended from these church properties (the Calero lot) and also added mares from Zapata and Hierro del Bocado which was owned by Vicente Romero Garcia.

Horses from the Benitez studfarm can be found in the stables of many European royalty, as well as in Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Today the studfarm is known as Ganadería M. Romero Benítez.

Spanish horse farms such as Yeguada Jordi Matas, Yeguada Hermanos Veterano, Yeguada Alfonso Delgado, Yeguada Arrabal, Yeguada Gomez Tapia, Yeguada Alora, Yeguada Las Arenas, La Yeguada Juan Diaz Navarro, La Yeguada Hispandaluz, Yeguada Cubas, and many others in Spain give credit to Romero Benitez for their founding stock.

Temerario III was sired by the bay military (Yeguada Militar de Jerez) stallion Adentro (Juglar x Sena) and was out of a grey mare Temeraria II (sired by the military stallion Bombardino).

Several of our horses and the stallions we’ve used are related to Temerario III via Adentro. Remate is a great grandson of Temerario III (Adentro x Briosa III); making Fantasia DD great great granddaughters of Temerario

Temerario's Sire Line

Temerario’s sire Adentro goes back to both bay and grey early Spanish foundation horses such as Destinado III, Celoso III, Generoso, Destinado VI, Primoroso, Destinada, Presumido, and Ramillete I.

Celoso III

Temerario's Dam Line

Temerario’s dam, Temeraria II, was sired by the military (Yeguada Militar de Cordoba) stallion Bombardino. Bombardino was sired by the pure Terry stallion Destinado II (by Americano) and was out of the bay Escalera mare Valerosa III (by the Terry stallion Hatero 1916). Temeraria II’s dam, Capitana X, goes back to early Spanish foundation horses such as Americano, Presumido, and Coronel.

Temerario V

picture of temerario v andalusian stallion

Temeraria II was also the dam of the famous stallion Temerario V, a champion of Spain, who was imported to the U.S. by the Garrison Ranch. Thus, you will often see Temeraria II in American-bred Andalusian horse pedigrees.

Temerario V was the 1980 and 1981 National Champion Stallion, the 1987 Amateur/Owner High Point Horse, and the 1992 High Point Driving Horse in the U.S.

Temerario Breedings

Temerario III was bred to 7 Yeguada Romero Benitez mares in 1969 when he was 4 years old. He was bred to several more Benitez mares through 1972. From 1973 to 1978 he was bred to several different breeders’ mares including the stud farms of Luis Fernando Montenegro Flores, Rafael Ayinena Salazar, Abelardo Morales Barillas, Carlos Ernesto Gonzalez Barrios, and Willians & Humbert.

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