Incauto CEN

Incauto CEN was the 2009 Champion of SICAB in Spain. He won the stallion class for 5-year olds in a class of 47 stallions!

incauto CEN

Incauto CEN has an impressive show record, winning 1st place in over 9 shows in Spain including Concab, Girona, Equus Catalonia, Ciudad de Baza, Avila, Campeonato de Ancalucia, and Equinoval.

Incauto CEN is a great grandson of Leviton (one of the most famous military stallions in Spain known for his winning offspring). Our mare Keberes is a granddaughter of Leviton and her daughter Fantasia is a great granddaughters of Leviton.

Incauto CEN's sire is Delegado MAC. Delegado MAC was bred by Yeguada Miguel Angel de Cardenas (the same breeder who bred Jugueton V, sire of Remate, grandsire of Fantasia).

jugueton v

Jugueton V

Delegado MAC's bloodlines include Leviton on the top side and Vasallo II and Valido on the bottom side. This combination of Cardenas lines (that carry Bilbaino III via Vasallo II and Valido) with military lines (Leviton) has been a winning combination for many horses and is one of the reasons we bred our mare Keberes D (military, Bocado lines including Leviton) to Remate (Cardenas lines including Vasallo II and Valido) and kept the resulting daughters Galaxia (sold in 2013) and Fantasia.

Incauto CENs dam Cabrilla carries a mix of lines including Military, Viuda Jeronimo Garcia Perea (where Granadino, sire of Keberes, is from), and Yeguada Luis M. Romero Y Hermanos. Her bloodlines go back to Romero Benitez and Terry horses as well as oldBocadolines.

I really prefer the military and Bocado lines for their beauty, conformation, and functionality. When combined with Cardenas lines, the result is a large-boned horse capable of huge extensions for the dressage ring. 

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