Hosco V Crosses with Leviton Lines

Keberes D is a granddaughter of Leviton and great great granddaughter of Hosco 1960. Keberes is a foundation mare for Spanish Vision Farm.

Africana M is a line-bred Leviton (top and bottom) with Mejicano XIV (son of Leviton, Hosco lines) on top and Danzerina XIII (daughter of Leviton) on bottom. Click to view pedigree. Photo of Africana M below.

picture of andalusian horse mare

Acebuche-Sal from Germany is Leviton-bred on top and Ociosa V (by Hosco 1960) on bottom. Click to view pedigree. Photos of Acebuche-Sal below.

picture of andalusian horse stallion  picture of andalusian horse stallion

Romancera IV is a daughter of Ociosa V by Baturro VII (grandson of Leviton). Click to view pedigree. Photo of Romancera IV - half sister to Ocioso VIII - below.

picture of andalusian horse mare

Ociosa V had the honor to be bred to Leviton and produced Cartujana XXIII. Jabalina II is a daughter of Cartujana XXIII by Deseada XXIII. Click to view Jabalina‚Äôs pedigree. Photo below.

picture of andalusian mare

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