Deseada 1983

This article covers the bloodlines of Deseada 1983 (Brioso VI x Deseada LXXXII) - Remate II’s Dam.


Remate II Jugueton V (Cardenas-bred)
Deseada 1983 Brioso VI Temerario III Adentro
Temeraria II
Briosa III Indiano II
Deseada LXXXII Luceno 1983 ITI Legionario III
Pandora 1970 ITI
Alanna Fundadora ITI Capitan XIII

Remate II, former IALHA 3X Grand National Champion (senior stallion halter, driving, and best movement), is the sire of Fantasia DD. He has also produced Destinada DD (national champion Spanish junior filly), Fantasia DD, Fionna DD, Galadriel DD, Galaxia DD, and Hechicera DD out of our mares.

picture of remate andalusian stallion   picture of remate andalusian stallion  picture of indiano

Photos of Remate (above left) and Indiano XVIII (above right).

Remate was bred by Jose Luis Bonilla. Remate’s dam, Deseada 1983, is related to Indiano XVIII. Deseada’s sire Brioso VI is Indiano’s grandsir (see photo above).

Little else is known about Deseada 1983 (ITI). It appears she had 5 offspring from 1986 to 1990 registered in the Spanish studbook. Three of those including Remate II were sired by Jugueton V, one was by Unico VI, and another by Farruco ITI. 

Deseada’s sire, Brioso VI, is a very famous stallion from Romero Benitez. Deseada’s dam, Deseada LXXXII, was bred by Luis Bonilla and this mare’s lines include famous early imports such as Legionario III and Capitan XIII. 

picture of legionario iii  picture of capitan xiii

Photo of Legionario III (above left) and Capitan XIII (above right)

picture of indiano

 Indiano XVIII, the "Lion of Spain"

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