Capitan XIII


picture of Capitan xiiiCapitan XIII (photo left) was born in 1964 and was bred by Antonio Diosdado Galan. He was a Spanish Champion of Champions in Spain in 1964 and was imported to the United States in the 1969.

He sired 10 foals that were born in Spain. His first foal crop appeared in the US in 1971 and his last foal crop was in 1982 when he was 18 years old. Capitan was the “crown jewel” of Allan Parkinson’s stable.

Capitan XIII had 19 foals in the US that were in the Spanish studbook. He appeared to be most popular in the early 1970s.

Capitan was bred to Delfina II, Deana, Andaluza XIV, Esterlina Reina, Isabella, Cerrajera V, Boticaria XIV, Hacendosa VII, Amadora, Esmeralda A, Temprana, Dilplomatica 1969, Cerrajera V, Hacendosa VII, and Bersa.

Capitan is sired by Dadivoso 1947 (Novato x Dadivosa 1937) and his dam was Capitana XIII (Capitan IX x Peliblanca). Capitan’s grandsire Novato and granddam Davidosa 1937 through his sire side were both sired by Destinado II (by Americano). Capitan XIII was apparently the only PRE son ever registered through his dam Capitana XIII.

Capitan’s Offspring

picture of capitan xiii  picture of capitan xiii

Photos of Capitan XIII (above)

Campeadora 1964 out of Americana VIII – Diosdado Galan
Caracolera 1969 out of Barquillera XIV – Diosdado Galan
Coplera 1969 out of Animosa IV – Diosdado Galan
Corregidora 1969 out of Andadora III – Diosdado Galan
Carcelera VII 1969 out of Nevada III – Diosdado Galan

Carcelera VII was the dam of Tribuno ITI 1986 (by Vinatero V). Tribuno was the sire of Jabera TG, Gema TG, Jarana TG, and Historia TG. Tribuno was bred by Meson Dona Macaria (Mexico) and was sired by the Miura stallion Vinatero V

Animoso VI 1970 out of Animosa IV – Diosdado Galan
Andador 1970 out of Andadora III – Diosdado Galan
Escogida XI 1970 out of Airosa XI – Diosdado Galan
Esmerada II 1970 out of Americana VIII – Diosdado Galan
Elevada 1970 out of Nevada III – Diosdado Galan
Boticaria ITI 1971 out of Boticaria XIV
Jahill ITI 1971 out of Delfina III
Capitana ITI 1972 out of Deana
Capitano ITI 1972 out of Andaluza XIV
Majorio ITI 1972 out of Esterlina Reina ITI
Octobre ITI 1972 out of Delfina III
Alanna Fundadora ITI 1973 out of Isabella ITI
Banbury Tagala 1973 out of Cerrajera V - Jdon
Animada ITI 1974 out of Boticaria XIV
Afamada ITI 1974 out of Delfina III
Banbury Chata ITI 1974 out of Hacendosa VII
Admirado A 1974 ITI out of Isabella ITI
Odisea ITI 1974 out of Amadora
Caprichosa ITI 1976 out of Esmeralda A ITI
Banbury Temprana ITI 1977 out of Temprana
Emiliana ITI 1979 out of Diplomatica 1969 A
Cerrajera ITI 1980 out of Cerrajera V - Mexico
Hacendosa ITI 1981 out of Hacendosa VII
Banbury Kabar ITI 1982 out of Bersa

picture of capitan's son

Octobre was a son of Capitan XIII

Capitan’s half siblings sired by Dadivoso 1947

Tabaleo 1955 out of Barquera III
Tableta 1955 out of Balear 1938
Tacha 1955 out of Nabijera
Tafilete 1955 out of Hectarea
Utensilio 1956 out of Gloriosa
Usurero 1956 out of Hectarea
Uncidor 1957 out of Ojival
Almirante XVIII 1958 out of Renega
Aldeana V 1958 out of Tabernera VII
Azafata 1958 out of Malaguena IV 1947
Americano V 1958 out of Trianera IV
Carinosa VII 1961 out of Nagula
Nagualapo 1961 out of Nagualapa
Regidor VII 1963 out of Regidora VI
Bailadora XII 1964 out of Jerezana XII 1956
Obesequioso IV out of Obsequiosa
Pelitordo 1964 out of Pelitorta
Valenciano XV 1964 out of Valenciana XIII

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