Baviero III and the Terry Bloodlines

Baviero III’s Sire Line - Hosco 1960 - goes back through Descarado II to Novato

                               Descarado II - by Novato

                 Hosco 1960

                                    Hosca 1953 - by Bilbaino III

Baviero III

                                    Zurito VIII 


                                    Barquillera IX 

picture of terry wine bottleBaviero III’s sire (and Ocioso’s grandsire), Hosco 1960, was from the famous Viuda de Terry line. Hosco 1960 was a son of Descarado II who, along with another Terry stallion (Poseido IV), was used in for publicity of the Terry wine company (Bodegas Terry). Click to view Descarado II pedigree.

Descarado II was sired by Novato – a horse bred by Roberto Osborne Vasquez who had purchased the Bocado brand with the “C” from Domecq Diaz (all of these horses of course, descended from the famous Bocado and Carthusian horses). According to author Juan Altamirano, Roberto Osborne Vasquez was “possibly one of the most important breeders of the purebred Spanish horse in history”

The Terry family, as discussed elsewhere, acquired a large band of Bocado and Carthusian horses in the mid 20th century. Their horses came from Osborne, Navarro, Chica, Pallares and others. Descarado II became a household name because of his winning ways in horse shows as well as his presence on television while advertising for the Terry wineries.

picture of descarado ii  picture of descarado ii

Photos of Descarado II - famous Terry Horse (above)

Ocioso VIII

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