Baviero III Show Ring Success

The Baviero III/Hosco 1960 bloodlines are well represented in the show ring as evidenced by Ocioso’s success and that of his offspring.

Ocioso VIII, a grey stallion from Mexico, is a combination of Leviton (top) and Hosco 1960 bloodlines (top and bottom). Ocioso competed at Fort Worth in 2004 for the National Champion stallion title and won it hands down. I saw him in person and he is a marvelous horse. At one time, I saw him advertised online in Mexico for sale for $110,000.

Ocioso VIII is a son of Mejicano XIV by Leviton.  Hosco 1960 was the sire of the mare Mejicana VIII (sired by Hosco 1960) was bred to Leviton (famous military stud and at one time #1 breeding sire in Spain) to produce Mejicano XIV.

Mejicano XIV is listed in Book of Merits as Distinguished.  Mejicano XIV went on to sire Ocioso VIII as well as many other offspring ((as well as Allozo, Abocada, Americano 1, Belina, Carino 4, Carinosa XXX, Desio, Despierto VIII, Desimia, Deboso, Dermica, Dergano, Dentero, Espejo, Ecijano III, Energica, Enves, Especiero, Fenda, Fumador 6, Furioso 7, Habanero XVIII, Itaco 2, Islero XVII, Ilusivo III, Libertador III, Labradora XXI, Mirlita 2, Mejicana XXI, Malvita IV, Querencioso III, Timbalera, Trainera, Tormenta IX, Traviesa III, Tempestad II, Urdidora, Unica XIII, Vanidosa X, and Vinadora).


Ocioso VIII (left) and his sire Mejicano XIV by Leviton (right)

Ocioso’s Show Record

2004 Surf & Son –2nd place Sr Stallions (1st place went to his son Quechol)
2004 – IALHA Grand Champion Sr Stallion. Ocioso won over 13 other horses including Fabuloso XLI, Firme II, Ambicioso XIV, Buhonero I, etc
2004 Ventura Horse Show – 2nd place Native Tack & Attire.
2005 – Ocioso was listed on the USET leading sires list as # 29.

Ocioso’s Offspring Show Records

Celebration 2000 – Roble JIM, son of Ocioso, took 1st place in the yearling colt class
2003 – Quechol (son of Ocioso) was Sr Halter Champion at IALHA Region I Championship in Burbank CA
2003 – Quechol was 1st place Andalusian Sr Stallion at Fiesta of the Spanish Hors





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