Baviero III and Hosco 1960

Baviero III (Hosco 1960 x Baviera), was bred by Senorio de Sierra Brava SA in Spain. Baviero III was the sire of Aragones III. Aragones III was the sire of the imported Denham mare Botadora IV and the grandsire of our mare Keberes D

Thus, Baviero III was the great grandsire of Keberes D (see pedigree below). I began researching Baviero’s bloodlines and discovered that he is basically of Terry breeding and is related to Ocioso VIII (2004 Grand National Sr Stallion IALHA).

The key to Baviero's importance is his sire Hosco 1960. Hosco 1960 was a horse of famous Terry breeding. Hosco’s bloodlines run through some excellent show horses. Hosco bloodlines have been crossed on Leviton (famous Military sire) to produce horses such as Ocioso VIII.

Pedigree for Baviero III

baviero iii pedigree

Pedigree for Keberes D

pedigree keberes

Pedigree for Ocioso VIII

pedigree ocioso viii

As you can see from the pedigrees of Keberes and Ocioso VIII, both these horses trace back to Leviton AND Hosco 1960.




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