Baviero III's Descendants

Relevance: Baviero III is the grandsire of Keberes D. The Baviero line also contains the famous "Bilbaino III" - foundation horse of Cardenas.

Studbook: Baviero III was born in 1974 and had 19 offspring in the Spanish books.

Fandango D - (Briosa D x Bravio). Fandango shares bloodlines on his dam side with Keberes D. He and Keberes D have the same grandsire Aragones III . His show record is impressive. He won the USDF Training Level All Breed Award and was IALHA Champion at Training Level. At the IALHA Regionals he was Region 1 Champion Dressage Suitability (unanimous) and Top 5 for Best Movement. In 2003 he was Res. NC Dressage Suitability and Res NC Hunt Seat at Nationals.

Compare to pedigree of Keberes D below

Ilios by Holgazan II by Baviero III is a champion stallion from Quebec, Canada (below)

Utrerano XI (Martinete x Utrerana IV 1982 B) is a grandson of Baviero III via his sire. Utrerano has won several competitions in Spain.

Another son of Martinete by Baviero III, Marismeno XXXII out of Marismena XX has been shown and placed in several competitions in Spain. Notice how closely Martinete is related to Granadino (he shares Granadina VII in his pedigree) and to Keberes (he has Baviero III).


Rectora II 1980 (Baviero III x Maravilla II) was bred by Miguel Angel Garcia Dieguez-Lopez (same breeder of Granadino XI 1978). Three daughters of Rectora II 1980 were shown in a cobra (sired by Zar II)  - photo below.

picture of andalusian horse mare

Saeta X 1981 (Baviero III x Granadina VII) was bred by Miguel Angel Garcia Dieguez-Lopez. Saetero 3 is a son of Saeta X (by Aceiton)  - photo below.

picture of andalusian stallion

Martinete 1982 (Baviero III x Maravilla II) bred by Miguel Angel Garcia Dieguez-Lopez. Marismeno XXXII is a son of Martinete (out of Marismena XX)

picture of andalusian stallion

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