Baviera - Baviero III's Dam Line

Relevance: Baviero III is the grandsire of Keberes D. The Baviero line also contains the famous "Bilbaino III" - foundation horse of Cardenas. Baviera was the mother of Baviero III.

Studbook: Baviera was born in 1955 to the Senorio de Sierra Brava studfarm. She had 13 foals.

Pedigree of Baviero III, grandsire of Keberes D.

Pedigree of Baviera, great grand-dam of Keberes D

Baviera’s dam, Barquillera IX, is a granddaughter of Destinado II (Bocado). Destinado II was one of the original founding stallions used at the Yeguada Military. Destinado II’s sire, Novato, was known for his extreme action and is considered a founding stallion.

Baviero’s dam, Baviera, goes back to four major lines: Generoso, Zurita II, Baturro and Oficiala IV. The majority of these lines trace back to Emboscado, Coronel, and Solo I – early Hierro del Bocado stallions. Emboscado was a bay Hierro del Bocado stallion who won 1st place in Seville in 1908 and also in Jerez in 1910.

picture of andalusian horse stallion

Remandado – grandson of Baviero IIII via Martinete

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