Horses Related to Adentro and Leviton

Relevance: Leviton (#1 military PRE stallion/champion in Spain) was the sire of Granadino XI 1978 who was imported to the U.S. and sired our foundation mare Keberes D. Adentro was also owned by the military of Spain in Jerez. Both he and Leviton were grandsons of the Cartujano (Robert Osborne) stallion Estepeño (Destinado VI x Estepeña). Granadino and the stallion shown below Hermoso VIII are almost full siblings.

Studbook: Adentro was born in 1959 and had 72 offspring registered in the Spanish studbook.

Pedigree of the military stallion Adentro

Pedigree of the military stallion Granadino showing Adentro as the grandsire on mother side

Pedigree of Hermoso VIII (contains both Leviton and Adentro) showing his mother Hermosa VIII is a full sister to Granadina VII (above)

A stallion named Hermoso VIII was sired by Leviton and out of Hermosa VIII (by Adentro). This horse is bred very similarly to our mare Keberes D (Granadino x Botadora IV). Granadino is sired by Leviton and has Hermosa VIII in his lines. Botadora is sired by Aragones (out of Hermosa VIII). Anyways, Hermoso VIII produced a mare named Encantadora XXIII and here is her photo as well as several other daughters of Hermoso VIII.

Look into the pedigrees below and you will see that Granadino's mother Granadina, is a full sibling to Hermosa VIII mother of Hermoso VIII. This makes Granadino and Hermoso almost full siblings. Can you spot the connection?

Pedigree of Keberes D (also continas both Leviton and Adentro via Granadino)

picture of andalusian  picture of andalusian horse mare

Encantadora XXII by Hermoso VII (Leviton x Hermosa VIII by Adentro) 

picture of andalusian horse mare  picture of andalusian horse mare

Tempranera (left) by Hermoso VII and Diplomatica VI (right) by Hermoso VII 

The Adentro bloodline is fairly rare outside of Spain. It can be found via Granadino and Aragones III in the U.S. Denham Ranch lines and in Australia.

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