Welcome to our collection of articles about the Andalusian horse. Breaking into a new and rare breed like the Andalusian horse is difficult, its a hassle. And I know what its like. I've been trying for years to learn all there is to know about this breed called the "Andalusian." Along the way I heard stories from other newcomers. Some good, some bad. Eventually, I learned just enough to be considered an Andalusian expert. It wasn't easy. I spent countless hours watching videotapes of Spanish horses in Spain, spent my hard-earned vacation days and money attending Andalusian and Lusitano horse shows, and even gave up my weekends to shovel manure just to be near the horses. This website is a result of that research.

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Andalusians - general articles for those new to the breed and looking to buy

The Spanish Horse is better than any other horse because of its agility, its resilience and the distension of its rhythmic movements ... the best of all horses for the manége, by reason of their agility, their strength and the natural cadence of their gait; and for war on a day of battle because of their courage and obedience.  ~ Madame de la Guérinière.

American Andalusians - I'm working on an intensive research project that will document the American Andalusian breed from it's importation in the 1960s to current day.  You can also visit our Library (a work in progress) to view the collection we have.
  Aztecas, Other Breeds, and Crossbreds


Buying-Selling - Some of the articles here were written prior to the economic problems in the U.S. and Spain - I'm working to update the articles with current pricing and marketing strategies.

Carthusian Andalusians - The Cartujano horses (also known ad Carthusian or Bocado) are a rare line of pure Spanish horses from Spain. They are so cherished that very few are ever allowed to leave the country.

Color - blacks, color genetics, breeding for color, color mythology

Conformation - The conformation section is designed with the horse-shopper in mind. Learn how to define and characterize movement in the Andalusian and how it relates to conformation.

Doma Vaquera - the western style of riding in Spain

Dressage - show results, competitive dressage, politics

Genetics - origins of Spanish horses, heritability, and genetic markers. The best way to understand the breed genetics of the Pure Spanish horse is through scientific articles, many of them the result of research done at the University of Cordoba, Spain. Most of these papers are in Adobe PDF format



IALHA History - This is just a sampling of some of the magazines we have in our extensive Andalusian breed library. See our Library section for a listing of resources we have on hand.

Relatives - horses related to our breeding program

Revision - what it is, history, USPRE vs USPREA, Spain vs. Foundation

Show Results - showing and historical IALHA results

Spanish Breeders - highlights of a few breeders. The best way to get familiar with the Spanish breeders is to purchase our eBook.

Training Horses - a collection of articles we've written or collected over the years.

Andalusian Mare Nobleza D

Skyhorse Ranch - Andalusian horse breeder in Texas with Andalusian horses for sale. Breeders of PRE Pura Raza Espanola horses with cartas from Spain. Selling black, grey, and bay Andalusians. Recommend Andalusian stallions at stud. Pictures, history, facts, and info. Spanish Andalusian horse farm. Bloodlines from Spain in the USA.

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