Serreton and Jaquima Devices

What is a Serreton?

The serreton or serreta as it is commonly called in the U.S. got its name from the word meaning ‘saw’. The serreton employs a curved metal nosepiece which has rows of teeth at top and bottom. Normally the serreton is wrapped in leather. 

Basically it is a cavesson, or nose piece, with a metal insert. The one-ring serreton is used to present horses in shows. If used with knowledge and caution it educates stallions to answer their handler. Serretas are also used with 2 rings on either side, which the reins are clipped into when first breaking in a young horse, so as to avoid having to use a bit in the delicate mouth of a young horse in its early stages of training.

What is a Jaquima?

The jaquima is a halter/bridle combination used by Peruvian trainers. The comes in several styles - rolled rawhide, nylon rope and leather. It is basically a halter with interchangable bosal and barbada (chinstrap). The bosal and bardada comes in many configurations from soft leather to hard metal covered with leather (similar to the serreton).

The barbada has two rings that the reins are connected to. It also has a pisador (leadline) attached over the pole and down thru a ring on the barbada. Some jaquimas are very ornate and used for in the showring while others are used for training.

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