The Yeguada Militar and Arabian Horses

The Yeguada Militar runs stallion stations for the Spanish military. The first permanent stallion depot in Spain was created in 1834 in Cordoba. Its a little known fact that the Yeguada Militar, headquartered in Jerez de la Frontera, created the first register of purebred Arabians in 1847. 

The goal of the Yeguada Militar was first to produce good stallions for the Army. Eventually, some mares and fillies were sold to private breeders. In 1905, a specially selected group comprised of military officers and veterinarians was sent to the Orient to search out and buy a group of the best Arabians. The commander of the expedition was Major Luis Azpeitia de Mores, who published a book in great detail about the perilous adventure entitled "El Busca Del Caballo Arabe". 

This commission was able to buy 10 stallions and 13 mares; of these, 9 stallions and 11 mares actually arrived back in Spain. Again, the usual practice in Europe was to use the stallions to improve outcross breeding programs. The mares were bred for purebred Arabian offspring, and 5 of these 11 females families (Bint, Yamila, Ymm, Zarifa and Zulima) can still be found in the Spanish Stud Book today.

Some of the Generals who were headed the Yeguada Militar retired from service out of that position, and others were promoted to Minister of War. In any case, they were the chief of the Yeguada Militar long enough to leave a stamp, but not long enough to get barn blind.



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