Tips on Braiding

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General Braiding Articles

Braiding and General Mane and Tail Care for Horses

Braiding the Mane and Tail – info on the "running braid"

Mane Care and Show Preparation – running braid, continental braid, and diamond braid photos

How to Plait a Mane – French plaiting instructions and photos

How to Do Mane Rolls and Tail Buns – instructions for draft horses

Tips from a Braiding Expert – braiding for show

Banding a Horse’s Mane – for Quarter Horses

Diamond and French Braids (lattice, afghan, macrame braid) – photos of Halflingers with pretty mane braiding

World’s Longest Mane – article and photos about a horse with a nine-foot long mane

French Braiding the Long Mane – excellent article with photos

Braiding the Thick Forelock – especially useful for Andalusian horse owners

Toadstool Mane Bags – our favorite product for keeping manes beautiful

Tips on Pulling a Mane – includes photos

Spanish Terms

Hair = pelo

Tail = cola

Mane = melena

Braids = trenzas

Short-cut tail – la cola corta (cortada)

Braided tail – cola trenzada, trenzado

Mane – Crine

Long braids – morcillas – like "sausages"

Tight-braided knots – castanetas

French braid – a la Federica

Double-sided tight braid – a la Portuguesa

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