in 2010 both the International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association (IALHA) and the All American Andalusian & Lusitano Show Horse Alliance (AALSHA) held “National Championship” year-end horse shows. The IALHA one was held in Ft Worth, TX and AALSHA was held in St. Louis, MO. IALHA had about 130 entries from their show (the main barn had empty stalls) while the AALSHA had about 80. I thought the IALHA show was pretty boring – with the exception of the working equitation class. Some people, however, have given it RAVE reviews! They said it was fun and social, and I guess they forgot to add, “easy” to win!

I did a quick analysis of the numbers of horses entered in each show. IALHA had 49 empty classes (no one entered the ring) for 31% of their 160 total classes. I did not count the qualifying show in my numbers. AALSHA had 53 empty classes, also 31% of their total offered (172 classes). So for both shows, approximately one-third of the offered classes were not attended.

Small classes having 1 to 2 horses (thus guaranteeing an instant National Championship or Reserve placing) were totaled. I calculated percentages based on the classes with actual horses in them. 42% of IALHA classes with entries had 1 or 2 entries while 75% of AALSHA had 1 or 2 entries.

For classes having 3 to 5 horses (basically, 5 or less horses and you automatically get a “Top Five” ribbon), there were 33% classes in IALHA with 3 to 5 horses and 21% in AALSHA.

IALHA classes having more than 5 horses were 24%, while the AALSHA had only 4%.

The largest entry in the IALHA show was the National Champion Andalusian Filies 2 & Under with 10 horses. AALSHA had several classes with 6 horses including NC Junior Mare and Half Andalusian filly.

Your odds of getting a Top Five at IALHA? 75%. With AALSHA 96%

Are you planning on attending one of these shows in 2011? If so, go with RIBBON on the brain, pay your $$$$ big bucks, and you’ve got a good chance of bringing home a Top 5 and even a trophy. Then you, too, can advertise on your website that your horse is a Top 5 winner and NC of multiple classes.

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