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February 2013

"The horses are natural dancers," she said. "That is why they often win the freestyle grand prix." A quote from Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer.

Hampton Green Farms has locations in both Michigan and Florida. They've dominated the USEF dressage world, the Devon show, taken horses to Spain to compete, and have even owned an Olympic horse.

Hampton Green Farms initially started with warmbloods in 1997. Within a few years they had switched over to Andalusian horses and opened a farm in Florida. In 2000, Kimberly and her husband Fredric Boyer purchased the Revlon Polo Farm and converted it to Hampton Green Farm.  In 2005, Kimberly bought the Palm Beach Equestrian Country Club for $3.2 million and re-named it the Galipette. The executive chef of this restaurant was Kimberly's husband, Frederic Boyer of Paris. Prior to the opening of Galipette, Boyer worked at Biggs Mansion in Chicago, where he was instrumental in the 2003 re-opening of this Chicago landmark restaurant.

By 2009, Hampton Green Farms was ranked in the top 15 successful "dressage owners"  in the US by USEF.

Kimberly is originally from the Chicago area and is a surviving daughter of the millionair Robert D. Van Kampen. According to the Centerline Score website, she has shown one horse in training level dressage. She admits growing up with horses but  "truly got into" horses in 1995 or 1996.

One of Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer's family's legacies is located in Traverse City, Michigan. "Dressage by the Bay" is a large horse show and both the Robert D. Van Kampen Arena and the Robert D. Van Kampen Pavilion were built on the horse show grounds in "tribute to Kimberly’s father, thanks to her generous contributions."

“We like going to shows that involve the hunters and jumpers because they bring a lot of excitement,” Kimberly said. “Alex (Rheinheimer) asked me a couple of years ago if I would get involved in some of the construction here and I thought that it would be a nice tribute to my father who loved Michigan and loved horses, so that is why I got involved the way that I did.”

The Adequan Global Dressage Festival is one of the world’s largest international and national dressage circuits. It is held at Palm Beach, Florida. The facility includes the Van Kampen covered arena (made possible by Kimberly and Frederic Boyer and family) and four outdoor arenas with world class footing, 200 permanent stalls, and a VIP seating area. 

“We are delighted to name the covered stadium the Van Kampen Arena to honor the late Robert Van Kampen and his family. Kimberly Boyer, one of his three daughters, has been instrumental in spearheading the WEP dressage effort and she has been an inspiration in her dedication to charitable causes and her love and involvement in dressage on both sides of the Atlantic. The unique structure of this Van Kampen Sponsorship allows us to further connect to the the community and local charitable causes."

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