When, Where is a Valid Revision Being Done?

Letter Received March 2008 from an Owner in Indiana ... 

Question:  Hello Donna,
I've read lots of information about the validity of the inscription/revision done here in the USA in the past . I am confused about where/when a valid revision is being done. I am only interested in the PRE approved process for revision. 

Answer: The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (based out of California) holds what THEY consider "valid" revisions - however, you only get paperwork from them as a result. The real test as to what is "Spanish papers" or "revision" - is whether the papers will come from SPAIN. So, for right now, ANCCE (or the Spanish Association of Breeders in Spain) is the only association providing these papers. In the U.S., PREUSA is helping spearhead the ANCCE process in the U.S. Please contact their website or members at www.preusea.com to see where they will be holding revisions/inscriptions.

Question: I have a mare ... The sire is PRE... I wonder if the mare is eligible with only one parent currently revised, the mother of the mare was not revised, perhaps I could convince her owner to go thru the process if necessary for my mare to be eligible.

Answer: For a horse to be revised in Spain, they must first be "inscribed" or written into the Spanish studbook. This is usually done for babies. To be eligible for inscription w/ the Spanish, both parents must be revised. After inscription, the horse can be revised. I understand that this year through ANCCE, that you may be able to inscribe and revise an adult horse in one visit. 

So, best case scenario is that you take the mother of your mare and your mare to revision. The mother mare passes, and they then inscribe and pass your mare. However, to be sure and have all the paperwork for both horses ready could be a nightmare. Not to mention you have no guarantee the mother would pass. For a horse to pass, it helps for them to be the correct weight and Spanish clipped. And of course, not to have a concave or dished face or major "un Spanish" indication. I saw 2 mares fail at the last revision - one was very underweight, the other had a dished face and pointed ears.

Question: After reading several pages from your site I know I want to be certain I am working with the correct group. In June, in Ohio, a revision/inscription is being held. 

Answer: I don't know who is holding it. If it is the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse - then that is not the correct group. If it is USPRE and the work is for ANCCE in Spain - that is the correct group.

Question: Do you think this is the Spanish Stud book authorization group? do you know if my mare may be eligible?

Answer: Sounds like she is not since both parents are not revised.

Question: Is the ANCCE keeping the book up to date? 

Answer: Yes, ANCCE is currently in charge of the Spanish studbook. Whether it is up to date "online" or not, is not known. However, they are taking care of the papers (supposedly) and they are the official organization designated by MAPA (ministry of agriculture in Spain). 

Question: What is the process for becoming Qualified or Elite?

Answer: To be qualified, a horse must first pass basic revision. For qualifications, x-rays are taken of the legs and stallions and mares must have a reproductive exam. They are then put through a slightly more rigorous scoring than for basic revision. About half the horses fail qualification. This is just a simplification. Elite process involves the progeny records.

Question:  Am I under the time pressure of getting this done before the mother of my mare is deceased?

Answer: Complicated question. You may want to ask some of the folks at USPREA and have them ask ANCCE. In the past in the US - early revision - some horses were already dead and they allowed the offspring to be revised (I believe) as long as the parents were "declared dead" officially. They also, from what I heard, "declared dead" some living horses so that the offspring could be revised. I don't know how this would work moving forward. 

This is why it's so important to only get PRE offspring from revised parents if people are interested in following that line of breeding. There are alot of uncertainties, otherwise. 

I would do your best to find out if the owner of the mother mare is willing and able to get her mare revised.

Question: Well I am sorry for so many questions but you seem to be my best source of information.. Looking forward to learning more,
Thank you,

Answer: No problem.

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