Spanish Stud Book Changes Hands

November 2006 News about ANCCE and the Foundation

*Note: the Foundation no longer conducts inspections on behalf of Spain. They do, however, have their own inspection program.

The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association (the Foundation) announced changes in the P.R.E. stud book management in October 2006. The Foundation is now approved to do inscriptions and revisions of Pure Spanish horses (Andalusians) as they have received their Protocol from the Ministry of Defense.

The new managers of the stud book, ANCCE, will take full control of the stud book on January 1, 2007.

What does this mean for you?

In the United States, the FAB-PRE-USA will no longer administrate inscriptions or revisions for Pure Spanish horses (Andalusians) after January 1, 2007.

The Foundation will be the “arm” of ANCCE in the U.S.

A little history about the Stud Book: The Spanish Stud Book was formed in 1911 and the first printed volumes appeared in 1912 and 1913. The Stud Book has always been managed by the Cria Caballar, part of the Cavalry within the Ministry of Defense. When Spain joined the European Union, the Stud Book ownership was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA).

Why is the Stud Book changing hands?

For the past 10 years or so, ANCCE, has been lobbying to take over the management of the studbook. They “would be stewards of the Stud Book whose ownership continues in governmental hands.”

ANCCE announced at Celebration 2006 (a Foundation Spanish horse show), that there will be only one association in the U.S. recognized to work with the Spanish Stud Book.

What is going on now?

Veterinarians have been asked if they wish to continue as “authorized persons.”

In the past, Spanish Andalusian horses wishing to be included as “revised” were inspected by the annual visit of a “Comision de Valoracion”. In early years, the commission included three individuals from Spain - the head of the delegation, a military officer, and a veterinarian from the Ministry of Agriculture. In later years, the Comision has been reduced to one person – military representative of the Stud Book.

ANCCE has announced that there is no need for a representative of the Stud Book to come to the U.S. Instead, they will approve up to five people in the U.S. to conduct valoration (revision approval). 

So far, one person has been approved – Dr. Alberto Rojas Garcia. 

RIGHT NOW, everyone needs to send in their “Estado Inicial” – a list of the purebred Spanish Andalusian horses you currently own. You can get this form from the Foundation. You must also have a codigo (breeder’s number) to receive services. The form that shows your mare has been bred by a stallion is due by December 1 of each breeding year. This form is now slightly difference. Changes in ownership will also be handled differently.

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