Spain Accepts FAB-PRE-USA in 2000

This article is part of our series detailing how events regarding Spanish inscription/revision of the Pure Spanish Horse (Andalusian) has occurred in the U.S.

In a letter sent out in a mailing in 2000, William F. Ross (Co-Chair, Commission for the PRE) and Karen A. Jenkins (IALHA President) sent the following Memo.

“It is with great delight that we are able to announce that the Jefatura de Cria Caballar in Spain has agreed to the new Federation known as the Federation of Associations of Breeders of the PRE in the United States (FAB-PRE-USA).”

On December 1, 2000, General Jose Garcia Benavides (head of the Cria Caballar) received documentation showing the new Federation to be a legal entity in the U.S. The General received this information at a FACCE meeting in Madrid, Spain. FACCE is an organization of associations of breeders of PRE horses in all the Americas countries (Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, etc.). All the FACCE members present “endorsed this new Federation wholeheartedly”. FAB-PRE-USA would become the representative to FACCE for the United States.

The memo asked said that owners would be contacted with more details and that “the Cria will only deal with one entity (FAB-PRE-USA) and only one person from that entity.”

Breeders were asked to submit their Certificados de Cubricion and Estado de Ganaderia forms.

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