Letter from MAPA to Currie in 2007

The following letter was sent from the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) in Spain in response to the Foundation's request to handle the Spanish Stud Book in the U.S.

Date: December 17, 2007
Subject: Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book in the United States

Addressee: Mrs. Barbara Currey, President of the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association, 4001 Juan Tabo Blvd. NE, Suite G, Albuquerque, NM 87111, USA

In response to you letter dated the third of December of 2007, we report that in accordance with article 20 of Royal Decree 662/2007, dated the twenty-fifth of May, about the selection and reproduction of pure equine breeds, the celebration of agreements between the associations that handle the stud books for pure equine breeds, and the organizations abroad that cooperate with them, is a question that corresponds to the said associations, notwithstanding the necessary issuing of a favorable report on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) General Office for Animal Husbandry.

The said favorable report was issued for the agreement that you and ANCCE signed, signed on the second of July of 2007, thus, the said agreement can only be cancelled in virtue of the causes specifically foreseen in the agreement and the Ministry of Agriculture may not intervene in the internal functions, nor in questions that affect private organizations, whenever the management of the breed in carried out according to the current legislation.

However, given the situation and the dispersion of PREs throughout the world, it would be good to take into consideration the work already undertaken by other associations and breeders to handle the breed in other countries and that the necessary agreements are reached for the correct regulation and dissemination of the breed.

In reference to your intention of requesting to handle the Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book, we would like to remind you that in accordance with Royal Decree 662/2007, authorization may not be granted to those organizations whose scope of actions is limited to one or several countries abroad and not to Spain.

Moreover, you are informed that as of the eleventh of December of 2007, the General Office for Animal Husbandry has officially recognized ANCCE to handle the said stud book, in accordance with the aforementioned Royal Decree, canceling, therefore, the administrative concession in virtue of which (ANCCE) has been performing this task and doing so, hereinafter, as a private organization, within the framework of private law, notwithstanding the competencies recognized by the aforementioned Royal Decree for MAPA to officially supervise the compliance with the requirements and rules for the breed.

This Resolution falls within the current rules for the selection and reproduction of pure equine breeds, for which it will make the procedure to recognize these equine breeder associations comparable to all other livestock species and breeds, within the general policy that promotes the equine sector which the MAPA is developing. With this, the PRE is incorporated into the system that is followed, in compliance with EC member rules throughout all of the European Union for handling stud books, for which a gradual transfer of information and data has been carried out, from the Ministry of Defense Cria Caballar office to the breeder associations, by means of the Ministry of Agriculture. This process is currently culminating, overcoming some technical problems, so that the associations have all the tools to ideally handle the breed.

Likewise, you are informed that MAPA will provide maximum collaboration and will support all of the officially recognized associations for each breed with the objective to guaranteeing the correct handling of the stud books and the improvement programs, always with the technical backing of the University genetics departments.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Animal Resources
Isabel Garcia Sanz

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