IALHA Supported Revision in 2000

This is a short summary of the “IALHA & ACPRE-USA” letter that was sent to “All Purebred Spanish Horse Owners" in 2000.

In this letter, sent to straighten things out about Spanish horse revision 2000, IALHA states that “since revision can no longer be conducted under the direction of the organization that has handled it in the past, the Presidents of both ACPRE-USA and ACUSA, following the instructions of the General Jose Garcia Benavides of the Cria Caballar, have agreed to share joint participation in the costs and supervision of the revision for the year 2000.”

The only agreement between ACPRE-USA and ACUSA is to share the joint costs.

IALHA urged Andalusian horse owners to “take advantage of the generosity of the Cria Caballar” by sending in the attached form to sign up for revision.

IALHA explained that revision should be “fair, unbiased” and “operated by persons that have nothing financially to gain either by selling horses or funding foundations. This statement implied that the former organization handling revision had possibly gained financially from coordinating revision.

IALHA also explains that people expect their horse papers to be delivered in a timely fashion. Some Andalusian owners “have had difficulty obtaining their papers” and this meant “years of delays and uncertainty.” IALHA claims that “receiving answers to inquiries about long overdue papers was a painfully slow process and in some cases information about difficulties …was withheld from the owners of the horses.”

The letter further went on to announce that the IALHA has formed “The Commission for the PRE Horse” and is relying at this time on ACPRE-USA to continue seeking recognition from the Cria.

Why should IALHA cooperate with Spanish horse revision?

The letter states that since 1994 when revision began in the US, and through the 1999 revision, that Spanish horse revision has been conducted using the “registry records, microchip numbers, blood-typing, and parent verification records” of the IALHA."

IALHA has been doing parent verification on Andalsuian horses since 1993. In 2000, the Spanish Cria Caballar will require parent verification on all pure Spanish horses being registered for that year.

IALHA is “the only reliable, reasonable organization that can provide an independent office staff” to facilitate revision.

The letter was signed by Karen A. Jenkins, IALHA President and Beverly Denham, ACPRE-USA President.

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