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Efforts between the Foundation and ANCCE Break Down

Note: The “Bombshell” letter is the letter PREA sent to breeders saying they had opted not to cooperate with ANCCE. The “Grave Issues” letter is the letter PREA sent to breeders explaining their actions.

Breeders of Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) horses (also known as Andalusians) in the United States often double register their horses with the U.S. organization known as IALHA (International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association) and with the mother country of Spain. The registration in Spain is known as inscription (for entering young horses into the studbook) and revision (approval/inspection done by the Spanish). A successfully revised adult PRE horse receives a stamp on their papers (their carta) that makes them quite valuable. Many breeders follow this tradition from overseas. It takes a coordinated effort to bring Spanish inspectors to the U.S. and to coordinate the trade of paperwork between us and them.

FAB-PRE-USA was the former contact between the United States breeders of Pure Spanish horses and Spain (Cria Caballar). As FAB-PRE-USA became defunct (no longer responded and basically disappeared along with countless requests for cartas/Spanish papers) the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse (the Foundation) stepped up with their own official group called PREA. 

Also, a Spanish group of breeders in Spain known as ANCCE (Asociacion nacional de criadores de caballos espanoles or National Association of Breeders of Spanish Horses) made their move to gain control of the Spanish Studbook away from the Cria Caballar (Spanish military arm). The Cria Caballar was supposed to turn over the control to ANCCE on January 1 of 2007.

PREA stepped up saying they had a protocol with ANCCE (and that it was the first such agreement signed with anybody) and we could start right away with inscriptions and revisions for 2007. They offered to help find the lost paperwork from FAB-PRE-USA and to lead us through the tangled web of Spanish papers and fees required by ANCCE.

The Foundation and their arm PREA began to gain control of the revision process in the spring of 2006.

April 2006: The Foundation announced breaking news that “In a recent Ministerial Decree the Department of Agriculture has announced that the management of the national P.R.E. stud book will pass from the hands of the military to ANCCE, the largest breeder’s organization in Spain. The two groups will start to work together in June to assure that the transition is a smooth one and in January 2007 ANCCE will totally manage the book.”

The Foundation also announced they were no longer a part of FAB-PRE-USA (the PRE part) and that “PREA, The Foundation’s branch that was part of the umbrella organization called FAB-PRE-USA has resigned its membership in the group. Al Rotter also resigned his position as Treasurer. Please thank Barbara [Currie] and Al for all their hard work and dedication to the organization during the last year or so.” 

June 15, 2006 – The Foundation announced that they were selling microchips and DNA services (IALHA already provides this and FAB-PRE-USA used to coordinate the use of our chips/DNA results that were acceptable to Spain). 

June 23, 2006 – The Foundation announced that horses could go through the Qualified Process (a second tier of revision/inspection) and that this would happen in Los Angeles. “The Foundation has been selected by the Stud Book as the single entity to make arrangements for this visit. A team of three judges, accompanied by a representative of ANCCE, will make their single stop in the USA in Los Angeles to judge the assembled horses.” 

This did not happen until 2007 because on July 22, 2006: The Foundation announced that the Qualified Tribunal has been post-poned.

August 31- September 1 2006 was the occasion for the “Celebration” in Las Vegas. In the December 12, 2007 Grave Issues letter, the Foundation claims that Celebration 2006, “ANCCE announced that they would give us a protocol and we could begin to work on 1-1-07.”

September 2006: The Foundation announced “The Foundation has the Protocol of Collaboration with the Cria Caballar, and is assisting breeders and owners of P.R.E. horses.” PREA included instructions for inscribing foals and requested  that the paperwork be sent to them along with $100. They also said “ANCCE and the Foundation are Working Together” and specifically that “ANCCE (Asociacion Nacional de Criadores de Caballos Espanoles) has asked us to do some work for them prior to their taking over the Stud Book …”

This announcement also claimed that “-Dr. Rojas has already been approved and he will be able to do revisions January 2007.”  However, apparently Dr. Rojas only WENT ALONG with the ANCCE-approved inspector Dr. Arancha Rodriguez during revision in 2007.

October 2006; The Foundation noted news from Spain (ANCCE)  “that the Qualified tribunals outside of Spain have been postponed. The very earliest that they will be held would be in April 2007.”

November 2006: The Foundation noted that “ANCCE has extended an invitation to all our Foundation members traveling to SICAB to attend their official cocktail at the Real Alcazares on Thursday, November 23rd 2006 from 22:00 until 23:30. Buses will be made available departing from the Congresso's main entrance.” During the SICAB event, an email circulated that no accommodations were made to get people back to their hotels after the cocktail.

The Foundation also mentioned that “We will have a conference about the management of the stud book by ANCCE in SICAB, on Friday 24th … in the Sala Ronda … in the Palace of Congresses of Seville.”

On problem papers, “We have received information from many of you regarding missing Cartas/Passports of your horses, or other problems you want us to present to ANCCE for resolution (hopefully!). We will deliver a binder to ANCCE with these cases when we travel to Sevilla at the end of this month. All information regarding problems to be submitted to ANCCE must be received in our office of Albuquerque NM by Nov 19. after Nov 19 we will no longer accept problem files.”

In News from Spain, the Foundation reports that a letter arrived from Jose Palma Moreno (president of ANCCE). The letter said “Firstly, we want to thank the large number of Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse members and breeders who attended SICAB 2006. It was our pleasure to spend time with your President, Barbara Currie, Executive Director, Barbara Clark, and to recognize Board member, Alex Zilo, responsible in large part for cultivating the positive relationship that exists between ANCCE (Spanish National Association of PRE Horse Breeders) and the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse.” 

The president then went on a cautionary note stating “ … we have had to modify our scheduled start date for international issues. We will first begin to address our national PRE Stud Book concerns using a computer program newly developed for this purpose [this is the computer program, most likely, that the Foundation talks about in their Grave Issues Letter of 12/11/07] … We have an agreement [note he says agreement, not protocol] with the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association, which we will honor. But we ask for your patience and understanding. We have received the documents delivered to us by the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse pertaining to pending cases. Once the transfer of PRE Stud Book documents from the Cria Caballar to ANCCE is completed we will make every effort to resolve these pending cases … We will be very rigorous"

December 2006: In the December 12, 2007 Grave Issues letter, the Foundation claims that “Then in December 2006, we were told that we needed to submit information about our office, so we sent 90 pages detailing our employees, our security, our computer back-up, etc. We were told it was an excellent and complete document and would be the model for other countries to use. But no protocol.” 

March 2007: The 12/12/07 Grave Issues letterr claims that during this time “ … Barbara Currie was asked to go to Costa Rica during the Bonanza horse show (3-07) to sign a protocol; but it turned out not to be a protocol, but a Memorandum of Understanding. This document was signed, because we had no alternative. The “real” protocol was promised daily, monthly. It didn’t appear.”

At the same time, the Foundation March 2007 newsletter claimed “ANCCE has recognized The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association as their sole agent in the U.S.A. The Foundation is the first entity recognized in the world by the new managers of the Stud Book. This approval opens the door for owners and breeders in the U.S.A. to have their Pure Spanish Horses registered in the parent Stud Book and later approved as breeding quality horses. The Foundation’s President Barbara Currie said: ‘We are honored to have this recognition and acceptance by our parent Stud Book. We pledge to uphold the high standards maintained by this Stud Book since its inception in 1911.’” The newsletter ended by saying “For more information about the Protocol … contact the Foundation.” 

June 2007: Revision occuredin U.S. “The first ANCCE Revision trip is taking place as you read this! Though it is a smaller trip than we had hoped for, at least it is a start. There are three sites in this trip: Leesburg, VA; Sanger, TX; and Orlando, Fl. Dr. Arancha Rodriguez is the ANCCE representative coming to do revision this time … The Foundation has requested two additional revision trips from ANCCE for this summer and early fall, but there will not be confirmation of whether those trips will take place until after the completion of the June trip. ANCCE wants to be sure that their revision procedures function well prior to making further revision trip commitments.”

The Foundation answered the question on whether we should send in paperwork yet … “ … not yet. We cannot accept any paperwork … until after we have a final approved Protocol from ANCCE and they authorize us to be the liaison to the PRE Stud Book in Spain. When we are able to receive paperwork once again we will make a BIG announcement in the e-mail newsletter and on our website. We are very eager to begin Stud Book Services work again, but we cannot until we have authority to do so.”

The Foundation also included a news announcement from Spain “On Monday, June 11, 2007 Mr. Isaías Pérez Saldaña, the minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, officially inaugurated the Pure Spanish Horse StudBook offices. The offices are headquartered in the Sevilla Business Tower building. Since January 1, 2007 the office has been managed by the National Association of Breeders of The Pure Spanish Horse (ANCCE).”

July 21, 2007: The Foundation asked for PRE owners to send in the ANCCE papers for inscription along with $230 per horse. They also announced plans for revision to be held in August in California and that there would be a qualified tribunal in September (in California).

July 26, 2007: The Foundation announced the deadline for submitting revision paperwork. “Any person wishing to present a horse for revision on August 29, 2007 at the Celebration National PRE Horseshow in Las Vegas, NV please send immediately the following to The Foundation …” The inscription process was again outlined with how to get the forms needed for ANCCE.

August 2, 2007: The Foundation stated “After our meeting on Monday July 30 with Dr. Arancha Rodriguez, the ANCCE person in charge of international affairs, we received further clarification regarding P.R.E. Stud Book Services …” The Foundation explained that you must have a breeder’s code and if you do not, send $250 plus the proper forms. You must also get an ownership card for each PRE horse at a cost of $30 each and “After December 31, 2007 the cost will increase to $60 per horse.” The foundation announced there would be a qualified tribunal in Wellington, FL on September 4, 2007.

August 7, 2007: The Foundation announced that they just heard from ANCCE that revision will be on September 1, 2007 and not on August 29, 2007. 

August 17, 2007: The Foundation gave a PRE update that says “We are happy to report that there has been some movement from ANCCE recently. Our Protocol agreement was finalized in July, officially making The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association the sole U.S. liaison to the P.R.E. Stud Book in Spain! This event was long anticipated and we are very glad to have it happen!! This has allowed us to re-start the process of accepting some new inscription requests and organizing both revision and Qualified Tribunal dates.”

As for the missing cartas (due to FAB-PRE-USA), they said “We are still not able to serve well those people who have pending horse passports with Cria Caballar. We have had no response to the 250 horses worth of pending paperwork cases which we have submitted to ANCCE between November 2006 and now. We have seen some evidence that Cria Caballar is still processing paperwork. We have received in our office 28 passports from Cria Caballar that were from applications we submitted to them between September and December 2006. We still have nearly 50 outstanding passports we solicited during that time, but hopefully we will eventually receive those also. We sent the received passports to the persons who had applied for them, and will do so with anything further that we receive from Cria Caballar.”

“July 31st we met with the ANCCE international representative. She confirmed for us that Cria Caballar is still working to process paperwork that was received by them during their tenure as P.R.E. Stud Book managers. She also said she did not know exactly when Cria Caballar would complete their work, but she hoped that it would be within a few months. She said that when Cria Caballar is completely finished processing paperwork they will inform ANCCE and then ANCCE will inform The Foundation. At that point, people who have still not received their Cria passports will be able to make a choice as to whether they want to begin the process all over again with ANCCE. ANCCE will be happy to serve people who do decide to start over at that point, but not until Cria Caballar is completely finished.”

September 4, 2007: The Foundation announced they can plan revisions for central and western states for fall 2007 and gave a preliminary itinerary for sites in Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Washington, California, and Missouri.

September 13, 2007: The Foundation sent information about stallion reports and fees for ANCCE with an October 8 deadline. The Foundation explained that hair testing/DNA via UC Davis is no longer accepted by Spain for inscription purposes. They announced that the list of approved veterinarians (for inscriptions) is online.

October 16, 2007: PREA news says “Thank you to all those people who submitted your 2007 breeding and birth certificate requests prior to the October 8 deadline. The process is now that we complete an excel spreadsheet with all the information submitted to us and transmit it to ANCCE by October 15.” They added “The systems are complex, have multiple steps and require significant amounts of labor in our office and in the ANCCE Stud Book office (remember that the U.S. is only one of 40 countries with P.R.E. horses requesting services from the Stud Book office). In addition, because it is the first time anyone is doing anything with ANCCE as P.R.E. Stud Book managers and with The Foundation as the official U.S. liaison with ANCCE naturally there will be complications and obstacles that no one predicted as we begin to see the system work. “

November 23, 2007: Foundation sent a “friendly reminder” to pay your $30 fee for ownership card and stated that the late fee for inscription of horses older than 6 months will be $400 vs. $230. They asked for paperwork to be in their office by December 15, 2007. Just ten days later the Foundation sends the Bombshell Letter.

December 3, 2007: The Foundation reported that they wrote a letter to "ANCCE, the entity which has been charged by the owners of the Stud Book of our breed (Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, MAPA) with the management of the Stud Book." In the letter, the Foundation stated that they believed that ANCCE was in breach of the agreements contained in the protocol which was signed earlier that year. The reason for writing this letter to ANCCE was to place in writing the grave issues which they believed were not being addressed by the management of ANCCE.

December 4, 2007: The Foundation sent the "Bombshell Letter" to PRE horse owners via email. This letter stated: “The current chaotic situation in Spain, and the fact that we have had unsatisfactory response to multiple concerns of Stud Book service issues for our breeders and owners requires us to suspend work with ANCCE until further notice. Furthermore, The Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Association received notification that the President of ANCCE has resigned unexpectedly.”

“The Foundation is working diligently on behalf of P.R.E. breeders and owners to assure the continuance of registration for the P.R.E. horse and resolution of past issues. We continue to be committed to providing Stud Book services that are accurate, expedient and affordable for our P.R.E. breed and request your patience and understanding during this period.” 

December 10, 2007: The Foundation sent the Grave Issues Letter.

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