The Foundation's Fatal Error

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Over the weekend several rumors have flown and reactions are still taking place among the Andalusian and Spanish Horse community online.

When is a PRE a PRE?

Pura Raza Espanola (PRE) or Pure Spanish Horse (literally, Spanish Thoroughbred or Spanish Pure Race) - what does it mean? Some people take it to mean a horse with adult papers in the Spanish Stud Book, or a foal with baby papers in the Spanish Stud Book. Still others that it is a horse descended from horses in the Spanish Studbook (and therefore, Pure Spanish).

Here is what one person said on the web ...

"The only horse that can claim to be a P,R.E. Horse is one that is registered with the Spanish Studbook in Spain..."

Quoted directly from the Foundation website viewable at Section - About The P.R.E.

Did the Foundation Make a Fatal Error?

One person said "The Foundation made a fatal error by resigning their protocol in protest to not being named the ANCCE Delegado for North America. I believe that vanity, not reason, lay behind that decision.

Afterwards, the Foundation approached MAPA with a petition to create a seperate P.R.E. Studbook and was turned down.

I believe that this latest effort to create a new Registry is an act being implemented in order maintain a place in the P.R.E. world from which they have been excluded by their own doing as a result of poor decision making where the interests of the Foundation were put before the interests of the P.R.E."

More Notice that ANCCE LG will Visit California. 

LG - if you didn't know - stands for Libro Geneologico - basically the Studbook

"To All the Pura Raza Española Breeders in California.

Dear Fellow Breeders,

As Breeders and Members of the Committee that is organizing the first ANCCE LG Inscription and Revision trip to the United States of the year; we are pleased to inform you that authorized P.R.E. Stud Book Representatives from Spain will be in California in February 2008 to provide you with Inscription and Revision services.

The onsite LG services will commence in the Los Angeles area on February 11th 2008 and will proceed north through and inclusive of February 22nd 2008. For the submission of documents and for more information, please contact:

Southern California Coordinator: Miguel Núñez

Northern California Coordinator: Jacqueline D. Suechting

Since the Organizing Committee, assisted by our ANCCE Delegato, is solely comprised of volunteers, we ask that you contact the above Coordinators at your earliest possible convenience as we anticipate a record attendance and need time to process your documents. 

To compliment the efforts of our Coordinators, in Southern California, Committee members will be available to collect data and information of your horse that are in need of Inscription & Revision services. For more information please to contact:

Gustavo Adolfo Aldana, Raúl Armendáriz

What about Half Breds in the Stud Book? (Foundation's Studbook - Mundial PRE)

Posted on the web: I asked someone at the board meeting about including 1/2 PRE's and was told "unofficially" that this is a real possibility - but only after they get the purebred registry up and running. So it could happen, but probably not for several years."

Need More Information? Speak Spanish?

You can follow the latest discussions in Spain by going to Grupo PRE ... This site has a forum (in Spanish).

Some of the topics are interesting to read such as:

AMERICA ABANDONA EL LIBRO EL PRE (America abandons the PRE Book)

(Reactions from the USA about the Studbook and ANCCE Problems)

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