Should I Stay with the Foundation?

Letter Received March 2008 from an Owner in Indiana ...


Hello Donna

First, thank you for the informative website you've provided and continue to update.

Next, I'm a new PRE-family member following the acquisition of a weanling filly last fall. Love at last! I dove in without regard for registering foundation concerns. I knew I wanted pure Spanish. All of the foal's pre-paperwork was in hand and ready to go.

Needless to say, I'm stuck in the middle. The Foundation has cashed my checks for my codigo and for the pre-inscription papers. My codigo is "being processed" according to the Foundation. To back up a bit, I sent in all required papers at once (for new codigo and to start inscription process). Along with checks for each transaction, I sent a note asking if all paperwork could be started at the same time, if not, then to return papers and corresponding check that were not priority. With both checks cashed, am I obligated to stay with the Foundation or are the funds going towards the registration of my filly into the Spanish Stud Book? I know you may not know the answer, but I wanted "to vent" some of frustration without getting rail-roaded with information regarding a new and better breed organization for the PRE in the US.

I apologize if I seem to be rambling, it feels good to get this out and please forgive me for unloading on you. I've read most of your articles and find you pleasantly opinionated. I'm discouraged and unsure of where to go. I need a PRE buddy!! LOL! Someone that also shares my love for this beautiful breed. 

I am nowhere near regretting my purchase, I will cherish her forever, but the turmoil of registration is very disheartening. My researching and financing have been for naught, according to some family members. I've tried describing my predicament, hoping for a little consolation, but getting "you've got how much tied up in this?!"

My kids are excited, regardless, and are looking forward to spending their lives with her. I just hope that I will be able to show in a PRE class, the local horse show clubs look at us and say "Anda-what?"

Thank you so much for your time, it is greatly appreciated, even if it doesn't get answered. I feel a little better sharing my concerns with a knowledgeable PRE person such as yourself.

(name withheld)

Your Spanish Hoofbeat DVDs are outstanding!!


Welcome to the PRE registration boat. We're all sort of stranded out here. Even everybody in Spain. If people in Spain start getting their papers, then we'll have hope.

Where do you live? what state? Because California has a large amount of support w/ ANCCE. I've heard rumor they may head to TX next.

Who did you buy your horse from? Have you asked them to help?

Not sure what you mean by the Foundation saying your codigo is being processed ... They are not doing anything at the moment w/ ANCCE. The Foundation had a bank account from which ANCCE was withdrawing funds. At one time the debit card that ANCCE had stopped working. So some of the funds are still there? I got a letter from ANCCE via my email which said they had my paperwork and it was being processed. This may mean they got my funds. Or not? No one really knows. It is all a huge mess. I have 3 fillies w/ paperwork in process. I've heard that you may be able to ask the Foundation for your money back - or tell them to leave it there - but will ANCCE get it ? Who knows. You are not obligated to stay w/ the Foundation. I suggest calling them and finding out exactly what your options are regarding the funds - will they be withdrawn or have they been withdrawn by ANCCE - and then make your decision to ask for a full refund - which will be applied directly to ANCCE once we know how to do that - or depending where you live you can participate in an inscription there.

USPRE is positioning itself w/ ANCCE to do inscriptions/revisions - but no one has come forward and said "this is easy, this is how you do it". Except in CA where they recently did 600 horses. 

It's all a waiting game.

I do my best to read the Spanish forums at least once a week and ck the news that is going around.

Breeders in Spain are very concerned w/ what is going on over here - they use what the Foundation did to say, hey, look it got so bad look what the Americans did ... and they need our market share so they want our problems solved - but also their own. People in Spain are pleading w/ MAPA to do something ...

glad you enjoyed the DVDs,

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