FAB-PRE-USA Veterinarians Conduct Inscriptions

This article is part of our series detailing how events regarding Spanish inscription/revision of the Pure Spanish Horse (Andalusian) has occurred in the U.S.

Until 2003, inscriptions (baby papers) were done by the Cria Caballar when they visited the United States. Beginning in 2003, new rules were followed. The following excerpts are from a letter by Alvin Rotter (FAB-PRE-USA).

“We had wonderful news from Coronel Alberto Zapatero, the head of the revision team for 2003 …”

The letter said that under the new rules as promulgated on December 2002 and effective January 2003, inscriptions could now be done by “authorized” persons. “This has been interpreted to mean veterinarians as well as the usual military representatives.”

The Jefetura de Cria Caballar said that we could use our own veterinarians in the U.S. IF the vet had attended a seminar continued by the Cria Caballar …

FAB-PRE-USA then asked owners to send in the names of their local veterinarians who would be willing to attend a one to one and a half day seminar. FAB-PRE-USA states this would be a “benefit” in that the costs of inscriptions would drop.

As it turns out, many vets found the inscription process to be quite a head-ache of paperwork for them!

Eventually, an online evaluation was used in order to get the vets in the U.S. certified – at least as far as I know. 

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