FAQ - What if a Parent is Dead?

Letter Received March 2008 from an Owner in Indiana ... 

How Do I Know If a Horse Is Revised? What if One Parent is Dead?

Question: Dear Donna, I have your answers and am still encouraged about my quest to get my mare revised. I am purchasing another mare ... she is already in the book.  How do I know if the horse in the book is NOT revised? I was told that the book may be wrong in some cases, showing the horse deceased? do you know if a non -revised horse is listed? 

Answer: Well, if a horse is revised by Spain, it should be in the studbook. If a horse is deceased (and it's offspring/descendents were allowed in) then it says ITI after the horse's name. Alot of US horses say ITI. I think it means the offspring were grandfathered in because by the time they started doing revision here, many of the early imports had already died. On live horses, you should always ask the owner of the horse if they have the 'carta' of Spain IN THEIR HANDS and ask to see a copy of it. 

The carta is sometimes a one page deal - in green - with an official stamp and says 'apto'. Or sometimes it comes in a red booklet (the passport) and is also green. You can also check to see if any offspring of the horse are revised...

Question: I have already defended my decision to follow with PRE breeding of the horses I am buying, seems to me the right thing to do to insure the pure blood is continued and provable. I think it's important to preserve the breed and that's what I get alot of satisfaction from.

Answer: I agree. I was asked recently would I sell an embryo of my mare, even if it would only be IALHA-registered - and I said I'm not interested in producing IALHA horses ...even if it meant an extra $12,000 a year ... 

Question: Well I am currently emailing with the owners to get the paperwork hoping to go from blood work to DNA but not sure how to do it, I asked to get a hair from "mother of the mare" and "father of the mare", unfortunately "mother of the mare" is deceased. If there is blood test on file,(per the IALHA) I understand it is possible to go from that to DNA. 

Answer:  woo, more complicated than I normally handle :) you seem to be trying to get a hold on it

Question: "Mare" is currently bred and will deliver a foal in May, "Sire" is the stud and he is PRE. If the foal has a chance to get PRE it must be done for "Mare", "Mother of the Mare", first?

Answer: yes

Question: One last question, am I required to use a specified vet to draw blood for the DNA test on either "Mare" or "Mother of Mare"? You have helped me a great deal, I will be reading more from your website.

Answer: At the revisions they did last year, the ANCCE reps drew blood on adult horses going through revision. This year, I think they will also draw blood on horses showing up for inscription - but I THINK that the other horses are 'grandfathered' in? 

Ie, the mare doesn't have to have hers drawn? But not sure how that all works. Good question for your local USPREA rep.

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