Cost of Revision in 2007

Regarding Payment to ANCCE/USPRE 

Part I.

"Dear All,

Given that our Inscription & Revision Tour II commences next Tuesday, April 8th 2007 in Florida, I wish to clarify the financial considerations associated with the ANCCE-LG services to be provided to our Breeders. Please note the following and kindly share with all the Breeders that are scheduled to attend our visits in Florida, Texas and the state of Washington:

ANCCE-LG Service Payments

The LG team (4) providing on-site services in each location will not be accepting or collecting Inscription and Revision service fee payments. Breeders are, therefore, asked to pay for Stud Book services directly to ANCCE-LG through the ANCCE-LG website ( go to ). Breeders have the option to pay online by Credit Card or by direct Wire Transfer. If Breeders opt to pay by wire transfer, they will need to provide Dr. Arancha Rodriguez (by email) with their wire transfer reference number (provided by the bank). ANCCE-LG bank details for bank transfers are contained in the LG website payment module.

As you will note from the current ANCCE-LG rate card for services, 2008 Inscriptions fees are Euros 135.00 per horse while Revisions are Euros70.00 per horse. (As soon as the LG finishes the procedures for our local Vets to perform Inscriptions, fees will be split into a two tier structure to take into account that you are using your own Vet).

Attached for your reference is a “How To Pay for LG Services” chart. Breeders that do not yet have a Breeder’s Codigo should and they will be provided with a Provisional Code for payment purposes.

Although payments for Inscriptions will need to be made before the LG delivery of new Cartas, please encourage Breeders to now proceed to make online payments for Revision fees as we will be asking Site Coordinators to hold the Cartas of their guests until their respective payments for Revision are confirmed (by the printing of the online receipt). 

On Site Per Diem Contribution

As mentioned previously, we ask every Site Coordinator to collect a $ 20.00 per horse per diem from Breeders as a contribution to cover LG domestic travel expenses. Although ANCCE covers the round trip airfare to and from Spain, we are required to cover domestic airlines, hotels, meals and transportation for the LG representatives (2) from Spain. Our travelling volunteers will be covering their own expenses. Kindly be diligent in collecting the per diem fee as Miguel Nunez, our Breeder’s Committee Chair and I are being held responsible for these costs.

Lastly, no services will be withheld by the LG team over payment considerations and no horse will be turned away if they were omitted from your spreadsheets. 

Thank you for your assistance in this I&R process and please advise should you have any questions.

Best, Alex"

Part II.

Please remind Breeders that they should make service payments via the ANCCE-LG website. Please direct them to the homepage to click on the ANCCE-LG banner located at the center lower half of the homepage. Payment instructions are in Spanish and English.

As a gesture of goodwill, ANCCE has offered to credit Breeders for forfeited or lost service payments made to FAB-PRE in the past. In order to be credited for this offering, Breeders must provide ANCCE-LG with proof of payment. The FAB-PRE payment verification can be submitted at the I&R sites or emailed to Dr. Arancha Rodriguez

Breeders that have made payments to the Foundation of the Spanish Horse in 2007 that have not been refunded to them by the Foundation to date should also provide proof of payment.

All Breeder documentation associated with FAB-PRE and Foundation payment confirmation must clearly identify the nature of the payment and the livestock for which payment was made. 

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