The Connellys Speak Against ANCCE

Posted 02/13/08 by Donna DeYoung

The following article was posted publicly. Here are some of the best quotes.


"Where are our papers? Where are our papers? Where are our papers?" [was in all CAPS but I removed to make easier for your to read[. "The people who worked to get revision for the PRE, all founding members of the Foundation, didn't do it to get Spanish Papers!" [again, was in all CAPS].

"They fought for and won access to Spanish revision because it was the only breed quality control in existence!"

"They saw our horses being changed, being bred and shown like Arabs and so they worked extraordinarily hard to get breed quality control, Revision, and it worked!"

"We have spent years locked in a helpless embrace of registration hell, forced to handle our registry operations through backdoor unprofessional shell organizations ..."

"And how about the rumor that ANCCE is going to 'help' us by opening an office in the United States ... [sarcasm here] ... We really need their rather large footprint in our country representing Spanish breeders. We ask for our Cartas and we get --- competition!"

"We can place our trust in the only organization that has worked diligently for 'the horse' ..."

The Connelly's end their letter by saying "Why not join us in declaring this our graduation day!"

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