USPREA Announces Resignation of Alex Zilo

February 2013 by DeYoung

I found an article on the USPREA website that basically stated that Alex Zilo had resigned and he was thanked for his work.

A little background ... After the Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse abandoned ship in 2007 (quit working with Spain and US owners to get their Spanish papers), Alex Zilo, a former Foundation member, took up the flag and organized enough breeders to get a new protocol signed with Spain. His new group, heavily influenced/financed by Kim Boyer of Hampton Green Farms, was called USPRE (the United States PRE Association). Because the website name USPRE was already taken (by Sherri Martin of Martin Andalusians), the website for USPRE was called USPREA.

Now, Alex Zilo and most of the serious PRE breeders (many with ties to Mexico), have left USPRE/USPREA and have created USPREBA. The reason for a breeder's group is that to have your horses go through Spanish inspection, a non-profit breeder's group must represent the breeders of that country. USPREBA has achieved non-profit status and has enough breeders to get the "protocol" with Spain. I'm told that in February 2013 they are working on getting the protocol. This means in the future they will assist with scheduling and holding inspections for horses to get their PRE papers from Spain.

USPRE states that Miguel Nunez (member breeder) will be the new representative to ANCCE (assuming USPRE still keeps its relations with Spain). The main players for USPRE are:

A breeder's executive committee was formed (they say upon request by Javier Conde, president of ANCCE) and includes:

It's interesting that Kimberly Van Kampen Boyer (?former president) is not listed anywhere.

It is my observation that those staying with USPRE (old group) are the smaller breeders and have ties to IALHA and the Foundation. Those that are going with USPREBA are large breeders with strong interest preserving the Spanish Horse and keeping revision alive in the US.

ompare the above to the founding members of the new USPREBA:

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