USPREBA New Organization Announced

USPREBA - New Organization Announced 

February 2013 by DeYoung, breeder of Pure Spanish Horses  

Although little information has been made publicly about why a new breeder's organization for the Pure Spanish horse in the U.S. was needed, USPREBA became public in February 2013.

I've heard through the grapevine that the organizers of USPREA had a falling out and that the bylaws needed to be re-written and expanded so that no one person could completely control the organization. Thus, USPREBA was formed.

The email blast made it sound as if a new "breeder's association" had been formed. I was confused until I spoke with some friends and learned that the new group (USPREBA) left due to differences with one of the founders of the old group (USPREA).

Because they could not get the old group (USPREA) to change or even to give up the website, USPREBA had no choice but to start over with a new website but with most of the same members.

My main concern was "who is going to hold revision"? That was already being handled I was told. A new protocol with Spain would be signed by USPREBA. Which leaves USPRE with very little to do.

Please join Alex Zilo's group USPREBA which supports the Spanish revision protocol in the U.S.

Here is the email that went out from USPREBA:

The Founding Board of Directors of the new United States PRE Breeders Association are most pleased to announce the formation of our country's very first national Pure Spanish Horse (PRE) Breeders Association. Given the experience and dedication of our Founding Breeder Board members, USPREBA is uniquely qualified to further the interests of all North American PRE Breeders. We look forward to receiving your membership applications.

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