History of the True PRE - Part 3

Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse Supports Broken Lineage PRE Registration

Now, with the formation of the Mundial PRE, the Foundation has opened a can of worms by allowing horses of BROKEN LINEAGE into their registry. They also blatantly use the term “revision” for their own inspection process (thus confusing future potential buyers) of these broken lineage horses.

The IALHA already registers Andalusians of all types. IALHA registers half-Andalusians, horses from Portugal (Lusitanos), approved horses from Spain (PREs), horses from Spain that failed revision, pure Spanish horses that trace back to the Spanish studbooks but don’t all trace back through revised horses, and Spanish horses crossed with Portuguese horses 

In other words, the IALHA registers “S” horses of Pure Spanish ancestry. It does so without prejudice since there is no difference assigned to horses proven to be PRE over horses descended from unproven (un-revised or failed) PRE horses. IALHA registers S horses.

Now the Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse also registers S horses. However, they go one step further and provide a way for all S horses (of broken or unbroken lineage) to be “revised”. 

Remember, revision was typically reserved for PRE horses of unbroken lineage and it meant that you had papers in Spain. Now revision can mean that your horse has broken lineage and it has papers from Mundial PRE.

Is the Foundation stepping into IALHA’s territory by offering registration to horses of broken lineage? Of course they are! Prior to 2007, the Foundation didn't register horses and if they had, they would only have been PRE unbroken lines. Now all of a sudden, the Foundation has found a way to corner a share of the S horse market.

The Foundation will allow you to present a foal by itself, without having any proof that the parent passed revision, as long as the foal traces its heritage back to the Spanish studbook. These horses are called “Pure Spanish” but are usually not given the title PRE. According to the Mundial PRE program, you can now call your broken-lineage horse a PRE and you will have proof (a carta) that the horse was revised (albeit, by Mundial PRE, not by Spain).

This presents a conundrum for the Pure Spanish Horse industry. Are we to support another group that encourages non-PRE horse registration as PREs? Are we to support a group that makes false claims (no papers are coming from ANCCE, yet ANCCE has their feet on their soil at the moment I write this conducting inscriptions/revisions). Are we to support a group that duplicatesand undermines the efforts of an already existing organization that provides registration for broken lineage horses (the IALHA)? Or a group that steals the PRE name and use of the term "revision?" Do you support an organization that may quickly become arepository for failed horses?

I’ll let you decide.

In the meantime, here are a few more facts about broken lineage horses and PRE Mundial cartas…

Quoted from a PRE Mundial source…

"If you have an offspring of a horse which died before that parent horse could be revised, the offspring is eligible for registration to receive a Carta Mundial. 

If you have a horse which has a registration certificate from the IALHA showing that it is an "S" horse (pure Spanish), it is eligible for registration to receive a Carta Mundial.

If you have a horse which has a registration certificate from another country which is recognized and which produces its own cartas (not receiving with regularity cartas from Spain), that horse is eligible for registration to receive a Carta Mundial.

Under PRE Mundial, inscription is registration as PRE by virtue of DNA. Revision is no longer 'approval for breeding' but is more a 'stamp of quality'. "

How to Tell Apart Broken Vs. Un-Broken Lineage PRE Horses ... As Quoted from a PRE Mundial Source:

"We are going to identify unbroken line horses with a statement on the  back of the carta underneath the geneology section that  states 'Unbroken Line'. If the horse has been revised a numbered  revision sticker will be placed in that same spot and will  say 'Revised, Approved, Unbroken Line'. 

In the case of horses who have a broken line there will be nothing on the carta in the above described space. If the horse has been revised  there will be a sticker that will say 'Revised, Approved'. These  horses will not be noted or singled out in any other way."

Another Quote from PRE Mundial

“Our Mundial Registry is only a little more than two months old and we are already holding our first revision! We never in a million years expected to be doing this. Life is full of surprises.”

PRE Mundial Spreads Its Message to 1200 People

"We have sent a letter to everyone in the USA and Canada (for whom we have addresses,  some 1200 people) telling them about revision in the USA during 2008. Our intent is to reach out and touch at least once (possibly more often when one adds in the emails and phone calls) to know about these revision tours. We are here to serve everyone ... "

Deja Vu - Quoted from the Foundation

Failed horse? No problemo. Just present him again ... and again ... and again ...

"To create the fairest standards for all, P.R.E. Mundial will maintain, for the present at least, a policy of continuous 'open' Revision, (a term selected by members at the meeting), whereby a breeder that has a horse that does not pass the first inspection may present again as many times as seems necessary. "


If you are not a member of the Foundation, you will need to pay $390 to inscribe a broken-lineage horse, then $550 to revise the horse. For a total of $940 ... [prices not current]

Final Comment

I also never in a million years expected the Foundation to split from Spain. What makes this all really wierd to me that since it's inception, Friends of the Pure Spanish Horse or Foundation for the Pure Spanish Horse, or whatever its name, the Foundation has always supported the Pura Raza Espanola, the PRE, the breed of Spain ... they promoted it, rang the bell loudest, made a snazzy magazine for the PRE, hosted shows with judges from Spain, and were a haven for purists seeking to show and promote and breed their strict PRE horses. Now that is all gone? Really wierd.

Spain's Final Word

According to the MAPA resolution, there will continue to be one single stud book (SB) for every PRE horse in the world, administered by one single body, which is ANCCE.

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