History of the True PRE - Part 2

Fighting Among the Groups

Groups in the U.S. who have tried to manage the inscription/revision process and have tried to maintain a “protocol” with Spain have come and gone. I am still trying to piece together the facts … 

I have a letter from the IALHA president in 2000 that states that the Cria Caballar withdrew their protocol from Barbara Currie on “the grounds that the original organizational name that she used to sign the Spanish Protocol in November 1996 did not exist as an actual entity.” 

Beverly Denham and her group ACPRE (of which I was an original member) made the Cria Caballar aware of this shortcoming (and the folks presiding over revision at the time were none too happy about it). After the protocol was pulled from Barbara Currie in 2000, IALHA stepped up and said we needed to improve things so that revision was “fair and equal”, that it was available to all PRE owners, and that owners were made aware of all scheduled visits. 

This implies that perhaps the group assisting with revision prior had not done so. IALHA created the PRE commission which became a part of FAB-PRE-USA. 

Revision was not scheduled in 2000.

FAB-PRE-USA (made up of 3 groups including IALHA, ACPRE, and “Breeders, Owners, and Friends of the PRE” that later became the Foundation) assisted with revision in 2001. The directors were Karen Jenkins, Beverly Denham, and (here she is again) Barbara Currie. 

Many problems of missing paperwork, late paperwork, and general confusion (paperwork all in Spanish) abounded during the reign of FAB-PRE-USA. We are still trying to recover to this day ...

FAB-PRE-USA disbanded in late 2006 and in 2007, the Foundation for Pure Spanish Horse (the Foundation headed by Barbara Currie) once again regained control of revision and began to assist inscription/revision through their informal protocol with Spain and now ANCCE.

You might be wondering, why the heck do we always have to use some dysfunctional group to get our paperwork to Spain? Why can't we work directly with Spain?

A royal decree published in 2002 explains … “Each Country shall have an Association (or Federation of Associations in the case of the USA) recognized by the Fondo de Explotación de los Servicios de Cría Caballar y Remonta, which will be the sole interlocutor and will be responsible for all interactions with the FESCCR of Spain. This Association (or Federation) will act as its country’s Representative for the Jefatura de Cría Caballar and will be the sole agent authorized to carry out any procedure. The FESCCR will not accept any procedure or paperwork which is not sent by the Association.”

The Foundation, despite a number of setbacks, seemed to be on track this time by providing timely correspondence with US breeders as to what was going on in Spain. They had collected paperwork and monies and sent them to ANCCE ...

Then in an abrupt move in December 2007, the Foundation withdrew from their agreement with ANCCE. Thus giving up their assignment as the sole agent to work with Spain. 

The Foundation then quickly formed a group “Mundial PRE” and began a process to “replace ANCCE” and the Spanish Studbook with their own studbook. They would even provide their own “inscription” and “revision” processes. 

It should be noted that allegations were made in the 1990s that the group (now known as the Foundation) assisting revision had formed illegally. That was the reason FAB-PRE-USA was formed (as a legal group) and was able to acquire the protocol with Spain. There were also allegations, unproven, that the early group conducting revision were acting in unethical manners – such as getting horses failed so that they could be sold to a waiting buyer (since the owner wouldn’t want to own a failed horse) as well as problems noted earlier (not making revision available to all owners or announcing it).

When the Foundation decided to create a new registry for the PRE horse, MAPA denounced this action by the Foundation and threatened disciplinary action.

In the meantime, a former Foundation member who was unhappy with the direction the Foundation group was taking, decided to contact Spain and act as an intermediary to make things happen for PRE breeders inn the U.S. This former Foundation member, Alex Zilo, has helped spearhead getting ANCCE to the U.S. and in spring 2008 inscriptions/revisions were held in record numbers in California. Alex Zilo is an active member of USPRE, a group formed for dressage riders/promoters of the PRE horse. USPRE took a strong stand against the Foundation, calling its actions “unethical”.

The Foundation still insists that their functions are needed to provide paperwork for PRE horses. Note, their paperwork cannot be substituted for the paperwork or authority which Spain holds over PRE horses. The Foundation held a meeting in Dallas, Texas on January 26, 2008 at which they unveiled  their great plan to start their own worldwide registry. Many folks were impressed by their slick presentation.

The Foundation made this statement “The Foundation, in its wisdom and dedication, decided that inscriptions, revisions, farm codigos, and cover reports cannot continue to wait indefinitely until Spain works their internal issues out. Breeding and foaling and ownership changes will go on with time and a tremendous back log would build up, get lost, get messed up and become unwieldy and most likely not get resolved and organized for years.”

What gets interesting is that only one month after the Foundation announced themselves as the savior of PRE horses, ANCCE comes to California and processes over 1200 requests for inscription/revision. 

So what do we need the Foundation for?

The Foundation has not always gotten along with all Andalusian horse community members. Several years ago they boycotted the IALHA National Championship show in Fort Worth, Texas. They were strong supporters of the PRE, but could not host classes or share shows with IALHA. Instead, they began offering their own shows that were sanctioned by Spain.

Here’s where it gets interesting again.

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