FAQ - Which Organization Should I Join for my Spanish Horse?

Letter Received March 2008 from an Owner in Indiana ... 

Is the Foundation Making Their Own Registry and Which Organization Should I Join?


I recently found something about the changes in who will be in charge of the LG PRE in the US. I am still uncertain who to believe, is the Foundation making their own registry, without the connection to LG PRE?

If I am to join an association or two, would it be IALHA, and USPREA or in your opinion others or neither of these. 

Thanks for your assistance.

Answer: Easy question this time!

Spain itself (formerly through the ministry of defense and now through the ministry of agriculture) has always been in charge of the LG PRE books, even for the U.S. It uses a breeder's group in each country to FACILITATE the revision visits and to help disseminate information. It never turned over the stud books to an entity in the country. For a breeder's group to have a "protocol" with Spain (or working agreement) that breeders' group has to be non-profit and represent a large number of PRE breeding horse owners. The Foundation worked on getting this protocol away from the former group (FAB-PRE-USA) which was a collaboration between several groups - the IALHA, some Texans, and some Californians. Once the Foundation got the "protocol" they started setting up revision sites, handling the shifting of paperwork and money between countries, etc. Now they've lost it (through their own stupidity, they resigned). And USPREA has stepped up. USPRE had a meeting in California attended by the largest PRE breeders and got signatures and started working immediately with ANCCE.

To keep from losing face and to try and steer monies away from IALHA (to gather more members), the Foundation is making their own registry. They are selling "cartas", conducting "revisions", issuing "papers", putting in "microchips" and are using former Cria Caballar people from Spain to help conduct revision. They say they can use the term "revision" because it is an English term. They say they can use the term "PRE" because that's what their horses are ... However, ANCCE has made it clear that they, under no certain terms, recognize the Foundation's registry. They do not recognize their shows, or anything. To be a PRE with true Spanish papers, the horse MUST go through Spain. The Foundation gave up their working association with Spain and is trying to go their own route. I recommend steering away from the Foundation, they are headed down a dark path :) We will all have to be careful now in saying what "revised PRE horse" is - revised by the Foundation or revised by Spain?

The IALHA is a good organization to join only because it is widely known, markets the horse, holds shows, and registers the breed in the U.S. If someone doesn't want to go the Spanish way, this is their registry of choice. My older mares are registered with IALHA and I will probably finish getting my younger mares registered with them so all my offspring can still be "double registered" with IALHA and Spain. My main problem with IALHA is that it us largely run by ex-Arabian horse trainers and has alot of Spanish-Portuguese influenced people in it. As a result, IALHA confuses the public by trying to market different kinds of horses (Spanish w/ papers, Spanish without papers, American, Lusitano, Spanish-Portuguese, Halfs, etc). and doesn't do enough to make it clear what horse is what. They have also recently done away with bringing over judges from Spain and Portugal and are not holding the breed specialty classes anymore (for now). That means all horses are judged together by American judges - and this results in awarding the Americanized versions (dished faces, Arabian showing influenced) with the highest awards.

Not sure what the benefits of joining USPREA would be. Seems a little expensive. I'm keeping my eye on them to see what they do. A friend of mine spent 2 hours talking to Alex Zilo (their head) the other night. I think if you join the website (free) you may get announcements from them. Once I get a little extra spending $$, I'll probably join their organization to support it.

Response: Hey, thanks again, I was just looking for further confirmation that the Foundation is the quasi-revision. I will not be joining them ... 

To be sure of the process with ANCCE,(SPANISH GROUP) I just wanted one final confirmation. I saw a calendar of revision events on the foundation site. 

I appreciate your help and am thankful to have a clear understanding of the only way to get the horse REVISED.

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