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Letter Received March 2008 from an Owner in Canada ... 

A Filly Whose Mother is Not Revised and Cannot Find the Birth Certificate

Question: I was searching the internet for information about the fab pre and found your web site, I think your the lady with all the answers(maybe?). I heard this fall that the fab pre closed their doors and all inscription issues would be handled by the foundation. I went to their website and read their latest news, then found your website and read what you had written and I think I just might have to agree with you on that.

Answer: The Foundation took over the work after FAB-PRE-USA was too unresponsive. But the Foundation kept telling everyone like you to "wait" until the Cria Caballar turns over all THEIR paperwork. The Cria Caballar had a "deadline" to turn over the paperwork (good, bad, lost, whatever) but that deadline kept getting extended. So people were just "waiting" and were told don't start "new" paperwork til you were sure the old paperwork from the Cria would never come. 

Then ANCCE took over in Spain. The Foundation was supposed to be helping. No one ever got much from FAB-PRE-USA. A few cartas did show up and emails were sent out. In the middle of that, the Foundation started handling some inscriptions/revisions via ANCCE last year but last fall they stopped dead in their tracks because of dissatisfaction w/ ANCCE. What a mess.

Question: I have a problem and I am not sure what to do about it. I purchased a filly when she was "X" mnths old. The breeder had sent in her birth certificate to the fab pre, but her dam was not revised at that time.

Answer: Alot of people's problems start this way ... with buying stock from un-revised parents.

Question: I contacted the fab pre when I bought the filly, and they had her birth certificate, they wanted a bill of sale, and told me her inscription papers would be forwarded to me when her dam was inscribed. 

Answer: Her dam would need to be revised, not just inscribed, before inscribing the filly in the past? at least that's the way I understand it. Try to locate the breeder and see if they kept any copies of the birth certificate. There are usually 3 original copies.

Question: Her dam was inscribed last fall, but when I tried to contact the fab pre they were closed for business. I figured I would just wait to see what was going to happen, and look what has happened.

Answer: Did you mean her dam was revised? Or still just inscribed?

Question: I spoke with "Mr/Ms. X"  ... in Canada. He told me that without her birth certificate I am in the hooper. Do you know what has happened to the paperwork that the fab pre had? Has it been forwarded to the Mundial?

Answer: No, it wasn't forwarded to the Foundation as far as I know. The Mundial is a totally different "registry" - a Foundation-supported-only registry. Not approved by Spain. I will try to find the email where someone had some of the FAB paperwork.

Question: I am not a big breeder, it took me a long time to be able to afford her, she is the only PRE mare I have. It will be a shame for her, if she can't be inscribed, as she is a wonderful representative for the breed. There are very few Andalusians up here, so she will be a real head turner in a year. ... I plan to get her started under saddle. If you have any insight to my problem, please let me know. I do enjoy reading your news. I subscribed to your web site several years ago, and learned so much about the breed. It lead me to finding my girl, but I guess I didn't do my homework well enough. I do enjoy your blatant honesty and wit.

Answer: Sorry that you have this paperwork problem. You may need to start over. Has your horse's mother been revised yet? I heard that in the US inscriptions/revisions being done this year via USPRE/ANCCE that they are allowing some young stock to get inscription papers if the parent is getting inscribed/revised at the same time and the paperwork on the parent is pending. They will make paperwork on the offspring pending as well.

You should probably contact USPRE/ANCCE to see what to do about getting a new birth certificate started.

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