California Breeders Leave Foundation January 2008

Mr. Zilo was asked by an email poster what was the reasoning and background into the signing of the letter of support in California ...

Here is his response:


Following the Foundation's unexpected resignation from the ANCCE Spanish Stud Book Protocol on December 10th 2007 and rampant but unconfirmed rumors of a possible new registry, a group of southern California Breeders became extremely concerned after the New Year holidays.

Simultaneously, as ANCCE Delegato, I was asked to organize the first in a series of Inscription and Revision trips to the U.S.  which ANCCE had scheduled. As a result, the Breeders in the greater Los Angeles area, organized a Breeder's meeting which was attended by 15 Breeders (owning over 900 P.R.E. horses). Amongst the 15 Breeders, five are current Full Voting ANCCE members and four are Voting USPRE members.

The agenda covered an assortment of topics inclusive of whether or not they would participate in certain upcoming breed shows. The meeting concluded with a decision by the attendees to issue a letter (not an agreement) to ANCCE declaring their commitment to the Spanish Stud Book. As such, the letter was unsolicited and a de facto expression of loyalty to the Spanish Stud Book. An ensuing discussion with me revealed that there was an extraordinary number of horses that required LG services. This was the impetus to immediately book the first Inscription & Revision trip to California.

As of this very moment, we have LG Service Request papers in hand and spreadsheets completed to provide Inscription and Revision services to over 600 horses in California. The on-site process commences in Los Angeles on February 12th 2008 and is being managed by six USPRE volunteers. The next anticipated trip will be end March early April and will commence most likely in Texas providing I can get volunteers to help as I have done in California. Thereafter, the following Inscription and Revision trip will be anchored to Fiesta Midwest in early June.

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Click here to read the letter (PDF).

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