ANCCE and MELPI Argue Over Computers

One of the problems which came out of the transfer of the Spanish StudBook (LG) from the Cria Caballar to ANCCE dealt with the computer program which ran the studbook.

Rumor has it that someone inside ANCCE had a relative who owns this computer company ... and they wanted to take the contract away from MELPI which was running the Studbook software for the Cria. All the while, MELPI was saying everything was ready for ANCCE just to take it over. Where does the truth lie?

This was a press release posted by ANCCE in March of 2007. Read the letter from MELPI to ANNCE (pdf in Spanish).


03/12/2007 Press Release ANCCE

Due to the lack of truth contained in the letter posted by MELPI...

Due to the lack of truth contained in the letter posted by MELPI S.L. on its web site ( and any possible confusion that may arise, ANCEE, the “Asociación Nacional de Criadores de Caballos de Pura Raza Española” (the National Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders´ Association of Spain), has been forced to respond with the following statement:

ANCCE, as the organization in charge of handling the PRE stud book (known by its name in Spanish as “Libro Genealógico del Caballo de Pura Raza Española” or LG-PRE ANCCE), guarantees the reliability of the information that is registered in said Stud Book.

It is untrue that MELPI S.L. has delivered a computer application for handling the “LG-PRE ANCCE” (stud book); what has been received to date is clearly insufficient to guarantee the correct treatment of the information and the full development of procedures.

ANCCE has been forced to ask a third party to perform an external audit of the IT work developed by MELPI, S.L.. This auditor has concluded that said program, contracted with MELPI, S.L., is clearly unreliable. In light of this situation, ANCCE has agreed to contract the services of SADIEL, S.A., a well-known firm in the IT sector, to develop a new computer product for the correct handling of the LG PRE ANCCE (stud book). The work performed to date by SADIEL, S.A. is currently in the data validation phase and, within a few days, will be up and running.

In accordance with the aforementioned, ANCCE has transferred the documentation, background information and facts to its legal department so that it may investigate the current situation with MELPI, S.L. with a view to claiming any damages that could derive from the services rendered by said firm and, in particular, to affirm if the communiqué by MELPI, S.L. may constitute a criminal offence which may be prosecuted before the competent Courts of Justice.

Finally, ANCCE, as would be obvious, and especially the “LG-PRE ANCCE” (stud book), after having dedicated time and effort to this matter, guarantees the truth and operability of the current procedures, at both this current point in time and in the future.

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